Cake Decoration Angry Bird Themed Cake

 It's been almost 4 months since I made this cake for my little one's 4th b'day, so was almost overdue on posting this. Like last year, I had decided on making a simple 4 Kg cake flat rectangular, this time with butterscotch flavor.I was aware that he was keen on angry bird themed cake, birthday party. The invitations went out on small cutouts of angry bird, the return gifts were either the angry bird games or picture frames of angry birds.

There is no recipe to share here as such , just technique, which I will try to the best of my ability

I used sugar paste and gel based colors for this work primarily.
Cake  of your choice
Icing of your choice
Sugar paste/ Fondant
Colors  Almost all, black, red, orange, yellow, green,blue
Fondant rolling tools
Pickwick bars
Chocolate bars
tooth picks to support the structure
Icing cone and point tip
1) Prepare the cake, icing, and the birds a day in advance, so that you only need to assemble them for the dday.
2) The birds or sugar paste figurines stay good for months together in refrigerator, so you can also plan accordingly.
3) For the characters be careful to take cut out of pictures and follow them as you mould it


Srivalli said…
Hats off Pradnya, I never gave in such needs from kids...I know I will never be able to do these..:)..those characters have really turned out great..
Priya Suresh said…
Tremendous and beautiful birthday Cake Pradnya, can see all ur efforts and love u have put in.
Pradnya I can understand it is tough to click while you are busy with birthdays"but I wish you had better pics..truly the amount of effort you have put in..the pics are very dull..sorry I don't mean to be offensive.but we have to do justice to your work..rt? N Happy Birthday to Shalok..belated though!
hemalata said…
Beautiful cake, looks great.
jayanthi said…
Wow. So much effort. The angry birds have come out really well. They look angry alright. Super effort. Looks good.
Harini R said…
awesome creation!
Padmajha said…
Wow!Hat's off to your effort Pradnya. And I am not showing this to my daughter. She will want this for her b'day and I am not sure if I can do justice to the theme.
And Belated b'day wishes to dear shlok...

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