Samosa - Beetroot and Coconut filling

Personally I am not a salad fan. And then there are some vegetables that fall in the category of exclusive for salads (in my world). Beetroot is one of them. So when I saw this recipe of beetroot in samosa filling I decided to give it a try. It is yummy and gives a nice tinge of deep pink color to the samosa cover which makes it even more appetizing. 
As part of the BM 28's theme for samosas with different fillings, I will share this recipe...

for the cover
2 cup All purpose flour/ Maida
1.5 tbsp Oil
1 tspn roughly ground Ajwain /Ova seeds
salt to taste
for the filling
1 cup grated beetroot
1 cup grated fresh coconut
2 tspn finely chopped green chillies
1 tspn cumin seeds
salt to taste
Oil to cook
1) Prepare a stiff dough using the flour, oil, ajwain powder and salt. Use water as needed. Keep aside till you prepare the filling
2)In a deep pan, heat a tspn of oil, add the cumin seeds and let it crackle.
3)Add the chopped green chillies Stir again
4) Next add the beetroot and stir it. Let it cook for 5-7 min.
5) Add salt and coconut and stir again. Switch off the flame and let this cool
6) Make small balls of the dough and roll them out to thin flat rolls.
7) Cut them in half and set aside
8) Repeat for all the dough balls
9) Heat oil enough for deep frying.
10) Place the filling in the centre of the cut roll. Fold the ends to resemble its shape to a triangle.
11) Pinch the base, repeat for the remaining.
12) Now deep fry eac of the these samosas till they are golden brown in color. Fry on low-medium flame.

Serve with green chutney


Priya Suresh said…
Omg, love that filling, seriously pulling me to make some samosas rite now.
Interesting to use beet root stuffing in samosas...tell me does not stain the crust?
Archana said…
Wow this sure looks yummy. Even I am curious hoe did it not satin the crust?
Pavani said…
Beets in samosa - now thar's one very interesting and innovative filling.. Sounds yumm!!
Foodiliciousnan said…
I've seen beetroot in samosa in there bakery next door here .out does taste quite good! But I like your salad style filling
Srivalli said…
Very nice filling..I am not a salad person too..more of a samosa person..heheheh...and trust me I have had locally famous samosas filled with beets, some puffs too..and just yesterday I had a samosa with just carrots and curry leaves!..carrots is ok, curry leaf was too much for me..:P
Waw that's a nice filling & in most indian bakeries they put beet root in puffs. I love this veggie in samosas too
Suma Gandlur said…
Now the beetroot curry filled samosas are really interesting. I should say I got a good collection of samosa fillings now thru this BM.
Harini R said…
Interesting how we can come up with the different types of fillings to satisfy our interest!! Good one!!
Unknown said…
beets in samosas are new to me!! they look so much delicious and tempting...
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Nisha said…
Interesting one Pradnya! Beets in samosa! I feel this will make them healthy and I am craving for one right now. :)

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