Watermelon in dirty rice salad

The best season to eat watermelon is during the summers, when they are refreshing, fleshy and juicy. It has become little risky with the adulteration scare to consume the otherwise innocent looking fruit, so I kind of avoided it until I could. However, when Kalyani mentioned the ingredients for MM, I knew I would be cooking them during the seasonal week of Blogging Marathon 27.. But I was unsure about how to use it with rice. I was originally planning to share a recipe of rice and watermelon pith's dosas or appams that I ate at a friend's place who hails from Hubli. She said it was staple for them. Only hitch was , I was not aware of the exact proportions. Then I came across this recipe of, dirty rice salad which I make often with left over rice, using fresh fruits in my library's food edition.
I thought of trying it with watermelon and pomegranate. The additional of watermelon was wonderfully refreshing and brings alive the dry salad.

1 cup cooked rice
1 cup roughly chopped watermelon (deseed or leave them as it is)
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup  chopped spinach
1 medium onion julienned
2 tspn Olive Oil
1 tspn lemon juice/ vinegar
1/2 cup boiled kidney beans (optional)
1 tbsp boiled peanuts (optional)
salt to taste
black pepper
1) In a pan, add a tspn of oil and add the julienned onions. Cook them slowly to caramelize them
2) When done, let it cool down. Add the remaining oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and mix well
3) In another bowl, mix the rice, with other ingredients
4) Toss it in the onion mixture and serve with a refreshing tangy juice to go along.


Srivalli said…
That's surely a different combination Pradnya..
Priya Suresh said…
Salad sounds excellent,can imagine the flavor of this salad.
Foodiliciousnan said…
what a wonderful name! Not able to imagine the mix of flavours but that is what makes it so tempting to try! btw check your ingredients, i think you've missed mentioning onions
Harini R said…
Interesting combo.
A unique combo n ya the rice seems to be quite flavourful .
Unknown said…
So much for the dirty rice. It is actually a neat looking dish. Love the use of watermelon in it. :)
preeti garg said…
Salad with rice and melon.. sound new
I love salads.. its dirty salad is so nice:)
Archana said…
When you said dirty rice salad I was amazed. Never heard of it. But the rice looks awesome.
Unknown said…
very healthy salad.loved the combo.
Chitz said…
Great name !! And a yummy looking rice salad :)
Pavani said…
Very interesting. Have been seeing a lot of rice dishes with watermelon, will have to try for myself soon.
Manju said…
Wobderful salad
sujitha said…
The name itself it's interesting to view wats this.
sujitha said…
The name itself it's interesting to view wats this.
veena said…
unique combination!!
Suma Gandlur said…
Healthy combination of ingredients. Initailly I too thought of using WM in a rice salad dish.

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