Snow Topped Castle Cake / Princess Castle Cake

This one is from archives and will complete almost one year. I baked this for my little niece for whom I had baked the barbie cake earlier. She turned 6 last year which meant parents lost interest of taking efforts in a big way. The best way to please her was make a cute cake that will please her without having the need to invite many people.
Since  I am doing birthday theme, it is imperative to post this now, before its time to bake another castle for her....

I will only share instructions on how to go about making the castle and though I do not have the step by step (unfortunately) I will try my best to explain.

I made the castle  with mostly the cake and white chocolate ganache. I completely avoided fondant or sugar paste considering it was doable without it. 

I used velvet cake because it is less crumbly and holds its shape well. It tends to become dry with time so sprinkle with ample juice or sugar syrup. (reduce it in cake if required)

2 red velvet cakes recipe (baked in 8 inch round and 12x6 inch)
3 cups of chocolate ganache (500 gms white chocolate, 1 cup milk cream heated and mixed together)
1 cup sugar syrup/ apple juice / orange juice
2 chocolate filled cones
2 bourbon coffee biscuits (or any square shaped perforated brand)
Jujubes in fruit shape
green glitter castor sugar
star sprinklers

1) Bake the cakes and keep them ready, completely cooled down
2) Place the round cake on the base you plan to serve the cake
3) Use round mould to cut small round shaped cakes to make the towers from one of the rectangular cake
4) Cut the remaining cake in 2 sections  so that it becomes the rooms in the castle. The top floor should be smaller than the base
5) Now sprinkle juice or syrup on the pieces of cakes. Assemble to castle
6) Prepare the chocolate ganache. Pour it from the top most section to slowly drizzle down on the base. Use a spatula to spread it and cover the corners that are visible and unreachable
7) While the chocolate is still warm, place the bourbon biscuits as the doors, cones on the towers and jujubes as per your liking. I used fruit shaped jujubes to make the castle's garden.
8) Sprinkle the green castor sugar to make the pathway

Your princess' castle is ready....

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Priya Suresh said…
Never had a chance to bake and decorate a castle cake, lucky niece;;
Srivalli said…
Cake looks good, I really don't have so much patience to do all this, must have taken so much time!
Foodiliciousnan said…
What an elaborate cake Pradnya. I'm really awed at your patience and determination. Wonderful cake. I'm sure the Princess was delighted with her cake!

Rajani S said…
First Barbie cake, then chotta bheem cake and now castle cake! So really cool... Wish I could do at least one of these :)
The castle cake reminds me of the castle I made for BARKHA ..when she was 6 ...I have the picture..may be will post it some time....cake looks cute.
Harini R said…
Interesting setting!!
Kalyani said…
super efforts... I wish I had a cake like that for my bday.. kudos to ur patience, Pradnya !

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Unknown said…
This certainly is a lot of effort. Great job
sujitha said…
Such patient work...
Unknown said…
Cake looks so yumm.
Nice decoration and cake looks delicious..
Unknown said…
wow the castle cake looks good..a very nice way to impress a 6 year old... she would feel so much like a princess!!
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Manju said…
Lovely castle only thing princes is missing.
Archana said…
Wow what a beautiful castle. Love it. Your niece is very lucky.
veena said…
cake looks good...great effort
Pavani said…
Cake looks amazing. Great job.
Suma Gandlur said…
When my kids were young I was not baking cakes or had the patience. Now they are at an age where these don't seem impressive. :(
Kudos to your patience Pradnya, that was a nice gift to your niece.

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