Mattha/ Spicy Buttermilk

Mattha is maharashtrian traditional buttermilk or chaas which is often made during the summers to fight dehydration or acidity brought by it. It is a simple drink made special by serving during the weddings. During my childhood, I remember most weddings that happened at my native places, used to have a fixed menu more or less. There were no buffets or fancy live counters. Food was cooked in enormous quantities and no matter how predictable the menu was, it was always delicious.
In maharashtrian menu, if your thali had jalebi (or jilebi like we say) then it had to be accompanied with mattha. No knowledge about this combination. However, I also noticed that whenever the menu had masala bhat (spicy rice) it was serve with this spicy buttermilk to go along.
This one is pretty basic to make but tastes yummy.

1 cup curd/ yogurt
1/2 inch ginger
2 green chillies
1 tspn roasted cumin seeds
 salt to taste
1) Pound the ginger, chillies and cumin seeds to form thick paste. Add salt while pounding
2) Add this to the curd and mix it well
3) Add water to thin it down. This should be thinner than milk.
4) Chill it before serving
5)Serve with coriander as garnish


Archana said…
Love mattha. This is the season for it.
The matha that we make is a little different from this one...shall post it sometime.
when i was in india we used to have this spicy mutton biryani in the weddings. drop by at my space too
Priya Suresh said…
A healthy drink to beat the heat..Love this spiced buttermilk.
KrithisKitchen said…
Summer is here.. this is a good thirst quencher..
Unknown said…
Beautiful drink.
No other drink will beat this one..So refreshing and well prepared..
Unknown said…
very refreshing and very soothing drink!!! so perfect for the hot summer!!
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Srivalli said…
I am sure that roasted cumin seeds adds lot of flavour!..nice one
Harini R said…
Love the masala buttermilk!!
Chitz said…
Lipsmacking refreshing chaas for a fiery hot day !!
sujitha said…
such a refreshing drink...
Rajani S said…
Its one of the best summer chillers!
Pavani said…
Perfect summer thirst quencher. Spicy and delicious.
Unknown said…
Mattha is a very north indian name for buttermilk. I learnt about it at Kanpur. Every morning we used to go for a walk and on return we were rewarded with bread maska and mattha. Those were the days :)
veena said…
summer is here to stay and this is so welcome...looks very nice
Suma Gandlur said…
Healthy and spicy buttermilk.

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