Masale Bhat/ Maharashtrian Spicy Rice

Masale bhat, is a spicy and rich flavored rice. You have to trust me on this, that it is definitely more than just spicy rice with mix vegetables, cashews, ghee and ground masala paste laden with coconut, onions and handful of masalas. Yet, we maharashtrians lazily call it masala bhat. We should do a little more talking and selling of some good recipes for many of them are real treasures. Cannot claim for the community, hence will do it from my bit, by increasing the repertoire of maharashtrian recipes on my blog

It is normally served with mattha, or raita. Either of them is good to cool down the heat and making the experience more warm and cherish able.  

2 cups basmati /long grained rice
3-4 medium size brinjals - cubed (do not discard the crown fully)
100 gms gherkins/ tendli -lengthwise quartered
1 medium onions finely chopped lengthwise
handful cashew nuts
2 tbsp Clarified butter/ ghee
2 tspn red chilli powder
1 tspn turmeric powder
for tempering

2 tbsp Oil
1 tspn mustard seeds
2-3 bay leaves
for masala paste
1 medium onion finely chopped
2 inch ginger
5-6 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp grated dry coconut
1 tspn grated fresh coconut(optional , but lends nice freshness)
2 tbsp fresh coriander 
1 tspn sesame seeds
1 tspn poppy seeds
1 tspn coriander cumin seeds powder
1 tspn garam masala (or kolhapuri kanda lasun masala - reduce red chilli powder if so)
salt to taste 
1) Wash the rice and let it stand until you prepare the other things
2) In a pan, take some oil, roast the onions for the masala, until they are pink or golden.
3) Remove the onions and roast the coconut, (fresh and dry both)
4) Dry roast the sesame seeds and poppy seds separately.
5) Ground the onion, coconut mixture, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, garam masala, coriander-cumin seeds powder and salt to make a thin paste. Add water as needed but ground the mixture to a fine consistency.
6) In a large pan, heat oil.
7) Add the mustard seeds and bay leaf.
8) When they are roasted add the finely chopped onion. Saute till they are pink
9) Add the turmeric powder,brinjals ,gherkins and cashewnuts and roast well
10) Next add the ground masala , red chillipowder and saute till the vegetables are partially cooked.
11) Add the rice along with 4 cups water (add more if vegetables seem uncooked). Do not add more than 4.5 cups water in total
12) Add more salt if required ( I normally add to the masala).
13) Add the ghee and cover the pan
14) Cook for abot 12-15 min or until rice is cooked. Do not use spoon to check the rice often. It will break the rice grains. Use a fork
15) When done, garnish with fresh coconut and coriander and serve hot


Shobha said…
Looks delicious and inviting..
Priya Suresh said…
Incredible one pot meal, love this dish very much simply with some papads..
Archana said…
Awesome both the masale bhat and the pic.
Chef Mireille said…
love all the flavors in this rice (except the eggplant:) - sounds so flavorful
Srivalli said…
Wow that's really one spicy bath!..and interesting that you added gherkins..The other masala bath I had made was almost like lemon rice..with more nuts added, this however looks more spicy!..will try it sometime..
Unknown said…
Ingredients itself makes me to mouth water... Craving to try it soon... nic click too...
sushmita pandit said…
Thats an awesome recipe :-) lets connect and stay around Sushmita
Delectable pulav..Seriously drooling here..
I ate them in Mumbai at Aaswad...the last time I was there...super delicious rice..nice and spicy..and I like the curd they serve with this.on second could supply them:))
Chitz said…
Looks spicy & flavored.. Yummy one pot meal :)
preeti garg said…
Spicy and so flavorful
Rajani S said…
Thats totally different from our vegetable rice preparations. Bookmarking this...
sujitha said…
flavorful one pot meal...
Pavani said…
This is one dish that I've been planning to make it for some time now. Bookmarked. Will try soon. Sounds delicious.
Harini R said…
Looks like a very flavorful masala bhat!
Unknown said…
This is a perfect meal for the lazy days and otherwise too. Pulao just does not hurt anyone :)
veena said…
Lovely one pot meal and my dinner menu for today is ready:-)
Manju said…
Very spice for me, first time to know gherkins adding in bath.
Suma Gandlur said…
Yummy one and I tried once only with gherkins.

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