Limbu Sarbath/ Nimbu Pani/ Lemon Juice

When we were little there was lesser accessibility to the readily available cold drinks. Also, irrespective of time and weather, most Indians, settle for tea or coffee when offered. In the rare occasions were someone would say no to tea, without hesitation or further questions, they would inevitably offered the “limbu sharbath”.
The recipe that I am sharing with you is quintessentially maharashtrian way of making it. The addition of cardamom gives the tangy juice a nice flavor. This is normally made fresh and served with ice cubes or using cold water for preparation. If you stock it, the cardamom flavor will intensify, so avoid adding it beforehand.

2 lemons large
5 tspn sugar (add more or less as per ur choice)
5 cups chilled water
½ tspn cardamom powder
1)  Dissolve the sugar in little water by stirring constantly
2)  Add the lemon juice and cardamom powder
3) Next add chilled water to the concetrate
4) Serve    


Priya Suresh said…
Super refreshing drink, can have it even at midnite.
Pradnya..I have a glass of nimbu paani for breakfast...I like the addition of cardamom..will try tomorrow morning..
Archana said…
Hey first great new look. Congrats on the new domain. Mala sharbat chalel!
sujitha said…
Who vl say no this refreshing drink....
Foodiliciousnan said…
Cardamoms must be such a refreshing addition to nimbu paani. Am trying it NOW!
Harini R said…
Refreshing! Never added cardamom powder to lime juice!
Pavani said…
Addition of cardamom is definitely interesting. Will have to try to see how it tastes.. Lovely click.
Manju said…
Nice refreshing drink perfect for summer.
veena said…
Perfect for summer and love the addition of cardamom
Suma Gandlur said…
A healthy thirst quencher. Never added cardamom to lemon juice. have to give it a try.

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