Coconut Barfi/Khobryachi Barfi/ Mango Coconut Barfi/ Khopra Pak/ Mango Coconut Fudge

Coconut is found all round the year and is no wonder this is called as the "kalpavruksh". It is quite widely used in the maharashtrian cuisine as well. The one popular dish which I believe is made across religions in all coastal regions is the coconut fudge. I have heard about it as a dish for diwali, ganesh chaturthi, christmas or Id in the same jest.
My mother made this on and off, as it is pretty laborious and with 3 kids to manage , it may not have been very tempting proposition.
Likewise, I had stayed away from making it until the need arrived. Even in mumbai, we are blessed with umpteen trees in my our complex which yields us fruits in dozens. This month we got as many as 11 coconuts. Someone suggested making the fudge.

I decided to make it using mangoes as I am personally not fond of coconut  barfi on its own. Also, it helps me find my first seasonal recipe for this week's BM

5 cups fresh grated coconut
3 cups milk 
2.5 cups sugar
2 cups mango pulp (skip and add 1 cup sugar more if you like)
2 tspn cardamom powder
1 boiled potato (for starchiness and softer barfis)
2 tspn ghee to coat the plate
1) Pulse the coconut along with milk in a grinder to form a paste like consistency. Do not grind too much.
2) Now in a pan , add the coconut mixture and sugar. Let it cook till the sugar is absorbed and the mixture starts forming a homogeneous lump. Add the mashed boiled potato at this stage to help the thickening process. It may take about 25-30 min
3)Now add the mango pulp and cardamom powder and cook for another 5-10 min.
4) Grease a plate with ghee and pour the coconut mixture
5) Spread it with a spatula (coated with ghee) while it is still hot.
6) After 5-10 min, cut the cubes and let it settle for 12-15 hours or until it can be lifted.

It stays well for 4-5 days and more if refrigerated


I love coconut burfis. Now i feel like making them & having.
Priya Suresh said…
Makes me nostalgic, its always been my all time favourite, i dunno wat to chose,both barfis looks tremendous.
preeti garg said…
Awesome barfi... Love the flavor mango coconut
Rajani S said…
I love coconut burfis, but the task of grating the coconuts stops me from trying :-). Lovely burfi and nice addition of mangoes. I read Boiled Potato?..well are you sure/..its not mentioned in the recipe any where..either you have made a mistake..or may be my eyes need to be checked..wat ever the burfi sounds interesting!
Archana said…
Never tried using mango sounds delicious.
Foodiliciousnan said…
Loved the yellow mango burfis! Have never seen mango in burfi before Pradnya. This is a cool idea
Unknown said…
my all time fav sweet.happy to be your follower.
Chef Mireille said…
my two favorite things in the world - mango and coconut - I would definitely love this one!
Harini R said…
Love the mango version!!
never tried it with mango,looks inviting...
Pavani said…
Mango in coconut burfi sounds fabulous. Addition of potato sounds different and interesting.
Srivalli said…
Wow never thought of adding mango to this..sounds and looks wonderful Pradnya..
Unknown said…
Mango added to anything makes it an awesome dish :)
veena said…
adding mango to this!!!!That i am going to try....looks very tempting
Manju said…
it was very different than my usual way. love the addition of mango here.
Suma Gandlur said…
Potato - mango combo addition must take the humble coconut burfi to a new level.

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