Cheese burst open face sandwich - Angry Bird faced

With seasons, my son's likings keep changing...from being the ardent Chhota Bheem follower, he moved on to Angry birds, And that he took with vengeance, hitting the piggies on the kit, then online games on laptop and then our phones which were made out to be his video games and then slowly moving on to dedicated angry birds PSP. After hitting out all the world's piggies, he declared he wants a cake - real angry bird for his birthday. My excitement knew no bounds, imagining how to make one. Then came the big announcement- Mamma, dont make angry birds on the cake, make piggies, me and my friends will use our toy to hit the piggies on the cake. That is when I realized, he was planning to turn my little house into a war field to hit the piggies. Looking at my horrified expression , he read my mind and said, yes, we will not cut the cake, we will burst it. Anyway, the house will be messy with so many friends around.

This was the story a couple of months back and thankfully like the birds migrated back to their homes, my little one has moved from angry birds to sponge bob. However keeping a backup plan is always handy, so I decided to make an angry bird sandwich to please the boy just in case he asks for that theme next month.

This one whether you make the angry bird or not of it, is a good recipe as it has cheese hidden inside and is more of an open faced sandwich.

Ingredients (for 4 sandwiches)
8 slices of white bread (Use brown but it crumbles)
100 gm cream cheese
100 gm paneer
2 tomatoes
1 capsicum
tomato ketchup and green chutney to go along
butter to spread
1) Cut the desired shape from the bread. I used round cutter 
2) Moisten the edges of the bread slices with water
3) Take a spoonful of cream cheese and place it in the centre of one slice
4) Place the other slice on top and lightly press the edges to seal the cheese inside
5) In a pan, heat some butter, for kids add more, you can use a nonstick pan and avoid butter. Roast the slices until they are toasted well. Take care to not let the cheese ooze out. 
6) You can prepare the rest and keep them ready upto this stage. Right before serving, you can reheat and then add the toppings
7) Cut the tomato slices to form the eyebrows and nose of angry bird
8) Take the paneer and make base for eyes
9) Cut the capsicum in the shape of eyelids.
10) Place them on the bread base. Use tomato ketchup mixed with soy sauce for eyes.
11) Assemble and serve the creamy cheesy sandwich

You can use any other topping of your liking, for a birthday party, do not mention about the hidden cheese until the kids take a dig in it. 


oh keep changing their minds....but I like the angry bird...who is making us happy!
Priya Suresh said…
Damn cute sandwich, who will day no to it.
sujitha said…
i love this Angry bird....
Srivalli said…
Oh tell me about it!..their changing moods is hard to keep track!..:)..anyway it's fun part of them growing up..lovely sandwich..I won't mind digging in myself ok..
Suma Gandlur said…
Happens with kids all time. :) Like Vaishali said it must have made your kid happy.
Yesterday I made a veggie school house and paired with cheese. My daughter who detests the combo ate saying that she is demolishing the building like a tornado. Whatever gets her to eat is fine by me. :)
What all we do for the kids :) The sandwich is so cute and I am sure it would have disappeared within few minutes :)
Pavani said…
Very cute looking sandwich. Lol for your son's idea of bursting piggies on the cake.
Unknown said…
kids will surely love these.
Gayathri Kumar said…
Very nice sandwich. Interesting write up Pradnya...
Unknown said…
nicely done... love the innovative way to please kids!!! great idea!!
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Foodiliciousnan said…
awesome job Pradnya! The 'angry' bird looks super cute :) Tell us all what Shlok finally decides on for his party theme!
Harini R said…
That is interesting art work for a kids have moved on to other games :)
Rajani S said…
Good that he made his intentions clear before you baked the cake!! Else imagine the house (arrrrrhhhh!!!!)

The sandwich looks really cute and is so do-able :). Hats off to your styling ideas, Pradnya :)
Manju said…
Oh kids are always creative and their taste chsnge often your angry bird is really angry
Kalyani said…
Mine has moved from Barbie to Thea Stilton.. I am hoping she wont ask a cake or a sandwich based on that :)I love angry birds, btw ! they are cute, naughty and lovable :)

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preeti garg said…
What a wonderful and delicious recipe. thanks for sharing with us.
Unknown said…
i thought i commented here, but do not see my comment... anyway.. this angrybird looks so cute and delicious..
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Archana said…
Beautiful artwork Pradnya. I am sure this sandwich got over in no time.
Unknown said…
The s/w does not look angry at all. It is such a delight.

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