Baby Mango Pickle (Type 2)

We visited Alibaug last month , me and hubby minus the little one who opted to stay put with grandparents. It was a much needed break after ages and we ended up finding a real nice place to stay.
Our resort had many mango trees -alphonsos, with some low hanging fruits tempting us every time we passed by. We plucked a few with permission and loved the raw sweet 
taste. It reminded me of the small mango pickle that I made last year. I wanted to make it again but with a different recipe this time.
My greed for mangoes  kept increasing as I started plucking them.After plucking about 2 dozen of them and still not satisfied I asked hubby to help me with picking more , especially the one's out of reach. Bewildered & embarrassed he went straight to the reception and told the manager to charge the amount to our bill. The manager reassured him that it is only natural temptation and that we were not the first one's doing so...I came back happily with the kitty and made this pickle very next day.

1 kg small mangoes
100 gms yellow mustard seeds 
25 gms fenugreek seeds
1 cup red chilli powder
25 gms coriander seeds
20 gms black pepper seeds
1 cup salt
2 cups oil
1) Wash the mangoes clean, from the base of the stem, make a small hole and remove the seed from within carefully
2)  Roast the fenugreek seeds in a tspn of oil.
3)Grind  the mustard seeds to a fine powder along with the fenugreek seeds
3) Add the red chilli powder and salt to the mustard seeds and mix well
4) Now, put this powder in a large basin and make a well in the centre
5) Heat the oil till smoking point. 
6) Pour half of this oil in the well of the mustard seeds mixture. Cover it with lid for 10 min
7) Mix the oil and the mustard seeds powder and add this stuffing to the mangoes.
8) Place the mangoes inside a large sterilized jar.
9) Pour remaining oil and add the coriander and black pepper seeds and cover the lid
10) The pickle will be ready to eat after 3 days. 

This stays well for more than a year easily


Priya Suresh said…
Seriously am missing this baby mangoes, wish i live in India rite now, thats a droolworthy pickle,cant stop drooling here myself.
Foodiliciousnan said…
love the way the coriander seeds stick to the mango pieces. So totally love the looks of this one Pradnya!
wud just love to have one of them right from the screen.
I am salivating looking at your clicks! They looks so nice & tangy
Unknown said…
Mango and pickle are two words that make our love so much more beautiful :)
oh..this looks really mouth mango pickles..but hardly make:(
Archana said…
Your pics are great Pradnya and the pickle has me salivating. Love it.
sujitha said…
Vadu manga pickle drolling here....
Harini R said…
My husband is sure to love it!
Pavani said…
I can totally see myself doing the same thing -- we are bunch of greedy foodies :-)
That pickle is looking finger licking good.
Srivalli said…
Wow I love those tiny mangoes..and a pickle will surely be yummy!
Manju said…
Love this baby mangoes, good summer pickle.
veena said…
who wouldn't like to eat these pickles..delicious
Suma Gandlur said…
Mouthwatering pickle.

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