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Food Garnishing - Part II

The art of hospitality/ mehmannawazi/ paahunchar

How To - master the art of grocery shopping

How To - the art of setting up basic in kitchen (Indian)

How to - create and arrange a maharashtrian thali on banana leaf

Chana Kairi Achar/ Chickpea Mango Pickle

Limbu Sarbath/ Nimbu Pani/ Lemon Juice

Tender Coconut Guacamole dip

Baby Mango Pickle (Type 2)

Raw Mango Relish/ Kachya kairi che kees

Flavored Gola/ Crushed Ice Candy

Watermelon in dirty rice salad

Zunka Wadi/ Gram Flour Savory Cake/ Chickpea Savory Cake

Coconut Barfi/Khobryachi Barfi/ Mango Coconut Barfi/ Khopra Pak/ Mango Coconut Fudge

Masale Bhat/ Maharashtrian Spicy Rice

Thecha/ Kharda/ Green chilly quick chutney

Jowar Bhakri/ Millet Hand rolled flat bread

Amrakhand/ Mango Shrikhand

Mattha/ Spicy Buttermilk

Dalimbi Usal/ Field beans curry / Birda

Snow Topped Castle Cake / Princess Castle Cake

Fruit Jellies

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Savoury Canapes

Cheese burst open face sandwich - Angry Bird faced

Chinese Style Bhel

Cheese Balls

Cottage Cheese Fingers/ Paneer Fingers