Cucumber Carrot Salad - Chinese Style

I made this one at the demo for BM # 25's meet and it was liked by one and all..This is a quick fix and works as a salad, main course or starter, just by varying the ingredients you add to it. Also, considering that it does not need any carbs in it and yet it satiates your palate and tummy makes it a diet meal as well. 

Under the soups and salads, I thought of sharing the recipe (if at all) for this instant salad, especially for Nandini and Rajani who missed both seeing the demo and tasting it....
And ofcourse for Padma, who had asked me to send the recipe...

2-3 Cucumbers
2-3 Carrots
1 bowl Finely sliced cabbage (optional)
1 bowl finely sliced onion
1 bowl finely sliced green peppers
1 bowl bean sprouts
1 tspn toasted sesame seeds

For dressing 
2 tbsp red chilli sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tspn vinegar
2 tspn sugar
1 tspn red chilli paste
1 tbsp orange juice (optional)
salt to taste

1) Make thin vertical slices of carrots and cucumbers using a sharp peeler. Stop when you reach the seeds or pith section. The veggies should resemble flat pasta or noodle like
2) Drop this in ice cold water tub for atleast 1 hour or so...This will retain the crunch in the vegetables and also make them slightly translucent
3) Mix the dressing well in another bowl
4) Mix the carrots, cucumbers with other ingredients of your choice
5) Pour the dressing on top and mix well

Serve and enjoy


Priya Suresh said…
Can guess how delicious this crunchy salad, love to taste it.
Harini R said…
My husband will surely love this chinese salad! Love how the garnish is decorated!
Super one..brings back memories:)...and yes, even I wanted you to do this post.lovely!
Srivalli said…
Well I can remember the crunchy texture Pradnya..very nice colour of carrots..
Padmajha said…
I too can remember that salad you made for us that day!Nice to see the recipe here :)
Manju said…
Love the rose. Simple and filling one. Thanks for the tip. Need to try.
veena said…
wow!!!That looks real crunchy!!!Will make this some day:)
Gayathri Kumar said…
Very simple and delicious salad. So you prepared a salad for BMers? I am missing it a lot...
Chef Mireille said…
love the dressing...must be such a delicious combo!
Shylaja Praveen said…
Looks delicious. Always thought of salads as bland. But this recipe sounds interesting
Unknown said…
I remember keep on eating this salad when you made. looks so tempting and thanks for the recipe Pradnya.
Unknown said…
wow they look so pretty!!!
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Pavani said…
Yumm.. What an amazing salad. Love the way you chopped the veggies and the dressing sounds delicious.

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