Carrot Pickle (Goan Style)

This recipe, was not learnt in Goa but much later, when I ate vinegar based pickles, I started exploring for more recipes. This has excellent sweet and sour flavor that comes from vinegar. Infact with some more spices in it, the same base sauce can be used to make meat based pickles as well. Especially chicken, I think boil it and then follow the recipe. My cousin, often eats the chicken pickle Goan style for his lunch stuffed in bread or bhakri. He says that he can live on this pickle for life, I cannot talk about that chicken pickle but am similarly fond of this carrot pickle. Make a wrap with any vegetable that you dont like and top it with pickle , you will love the tangy flavor this one brings out.
I served this rice bhakri. Made a roll using the bhakri, stuffed with spicy zhunka, fresh spring onions roughly chopped and loads of carrot was the best wrap I have had till now..

1 cup carrot julienne
 2 tspn ginger garlic paste
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (you can use any other vinegar, but I like the taste of Apple Cider)
1 tspn red chilli powder
1/2 tspn turmeric
salt to taste
2 tspn Canola Oil (or any other non flavor oil)

1) Rub the carrots with salt and set it aside for 10-20 min or until you are done with the rest of the preparations
2) In a deep sauce pan, heat oil, add ginger garlic paste. Saute it
3) In another bowl, mix the vinegar, turmeric and chilli powder 
4) Add the carrots to the pan and saute it for a minute
5) Add the Vingear mixture and let it simmer till the carrots become slightly cooked but yet have the crunch.
6) Remove from heat and let it cool down. Keep in a jar in refrigerator for 1 week.

Pictures- If you think the pictures have improved, I am definitely taking advantage of the rule of 1/3rd and some other tricks. Courtesy - Vaishali Sabnani

Canola Oil - I am using a lot of canola oil in my cooking offlate and am completely sold out. Though I have always used the oil in the past when not in India, this is the first time I used the oil here, courtesy my gift pack recieved from Hudson. Hudson have recently launched their canola oil in India. I would urge you to try it once to know the goodness. Am not paid for this review, the opinion is based on personal experience.


Jayashree said…
I've eaten something similar with beets in it. Looks divine.
Priya Suresh said…
Canola oil are the best, even am started using them..Btw tongue tickling pickle, lovely and super attractive colour.
Archana said…
veena said…
This is new to me but pickle any style is welcome in my home!
Chef Mireille said…
I have been using Canola oil for many years. whenever I deep fry food I use it. It is the healthier option when using non flavored oils - instead of vegetable oil or canola oil and it has a high smoke point so does not burn making it good for frying.
Pradnya yes surely there is a vast difference in the pics and please are clicking dear...thanks anyway:)) and this pickle is rocking, I too feel like having that wrap...oh ya for my mid night meal:)

Unknown said…
tongue tickling pickle... i learnt that making pickle is goan style!!
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Kalyani said…
I generally shy away from vinegar based pickles. but this is worth a try.. Esp loved ur line Pradnya "Make a wrap with any vegetable that you dont like and top it with pickle" !! LoL !! perhaps I should try it with Karela...

P.s : ... and the rule of 1/3, do let us on in the secret too :-)
Manju said…
I didn't think making pickle will be this easy thanks for sharing.
Gayathri Kumar said…
Nice colourful pickle Pradnya. I am yet to try vinegar based pickles. Even I have been using canola oil for the past two months and it is good in Indian recipes...
Rajani S said…
The pickle looks good! I would never have thought about adding this to a wrap - sounds delicious.
Suma Gandlur said…
It sounds delicious.
BTW, I don't want to sound insensitive but couldn't stop myself from asking. How is your sister doing now?
Nisha said…
When we say pickle curd rice comes to my mind immediately. :) Bet this tangy spicy mix to be good with anything.
Shylaja Praveen said…
The pickle looks colorful and inviting and nice idea of adding this to a wrap
Pickle looks real yum!!!Easy to make too!!! I have been using canola oil for the past two years it is really good!!
preeti garg said…
Awesome goan style
Harini R said…
It sounds divine. I have never tried making pickles using vinegar. My husband is a great fan of these vinegar based pickles!
Pavani said…
Carrot pickle looks tangy, spicy & delicious.. Very easy to make too.. Love it.
Never made pickle with vinegar, but always wanted to make one. this would be a perfect try for the first time :)
Manju said…
Hi Pradnya
There is an award waiting for your blog please grab that.
Mouthwatering pickle. Looks very tempting.

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