Donut ( Yeast Based)

My son loves them and so do my nephews ...rather the elder nephew is the reason that I love to make the donuts for ....He can eat a dozen together and soon ask for the next batch. When you have such connoiseurs at home, you just need a reason to make these pretty fried buns at home.

I was not satisfied with the pictures sitting in my post when I did the non yeast post, so very aptly picked these up for my next post under revisiting old pictures

Plus you get a recipe with yeast...

2.5 cups Flour (APF/ Wheat)
1 potato boiled
2 1/4 tspn instant yeast
1 cup warm milk
1 tspn vanilla essence
1/3 cup sugar
Oil to deep fry
for topping
2 tbsp butter
5 tbsp icing sugar
2 tspn cocoa powder
food colors (optional)
sprinklers (optional)
1) Mix the flour, boiled potato, butter, sugar and yeast in a bowl to form crumb like mixture
2) Add the warm milk (mixed with vanilla essence)to form a sticky dough. Set it aside to double in size for about 40 min.
3) Mix the icing sugar and butter for topping.
4) Divide in three bowls equally. 1 part add the cocoa, 2nd part add the food color 3rd keep as it is. Add some milk if the icing is too thick
5) Heat oil in deep frying pan and then reduce the flame
6) Roll out the donut to about 1 inch thickness and cut out in donut shape using moulds (or 2 ring caps)
7) Deep fry them on low to medium heat cooking for about a minute on each side.
8) Strain them on paper towels. While still warm, dip in the icing sugar of your choice.

Serve and enjoy


Archana said…
Hmmm! Bookmarking this.
Unknown said…
very interesting you have used boiled potato!!! and these tempting donuts are soo awesome!!
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Kalyani said…
Omg ! Pradna,f I only knew you would be making these, I. Wud have gladly dropped by. I am a replica of ur older nephew, n wud have the simple plain version with just the sugar - cinnamon toppings anytime :-)
Sounds very interesting and loved your version...
Suma Gandlur said…
Very interesting with potato addition and this recipe has grabbed my attention because it is eggless. :)
Love the different icings and decorations. My daughter would grab that choco one if she could. :)
Priya Suresh said…
Wish to grab some and having rite now, love those different and cute decorations.My son's favourite.
Pavani said…
Donuts. Awesome.
Rajani S said…
Absolutely lovely! Now, there is no need to buy these from shops, right :)?

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