Soan Papdi

Ohh yes....I took inspiration from Gayathri's blog to make this absolutely delicious and yet elusive seeming recipe. I tried it in small batch and then went for little bigger batch. Then I tried it one more time with a slightly twisted recipe and it bombed. My confidence tanked and I gave up the idea of making it for diwali...then Mom's enthusiasm came for rescue, she said let us try together again....
I reluctantly agreed and mother's magic worked...we ended u making a huge batch, it tasted better than the first and second..

Now before I start with recipe and forget to tell you some important things let me start...this recipe is not for the weak hearted and absolutely not for the weak armed (literally) you need very strong arms
Before you kill me for not capturing the step by step pictures let me tell you that you will find it on the internet or youtube easily. Here you will get a lot of confidence so read the steps as carefully as you can..

2.5 cups All purpose flour
2.5 cups Chickpea flour
3 cups sugar
1.5 cups Clarified Butter/ Ghee
2.5 tspn Liquid glucose/  2 tspn vinegar
Chopped nuts of your choice
Non stick pans - 2 
Non stick plate - 1
Greased plate for assembling -1
Fork or sharp edged tools - 1
Wooden Spoons - few 
1) In a heavy bottomed pan, heat ghee. 
2) Mix the 2 flours together and add to the hot ghee. Keep stirring constantly till it is well cooked - about 8-10 min. 
3) When the flours are cooked, set the pan aside. Do not cool it down much. The mixture would be semi liquid at this stage.
4) In a large non stick pan, add the sugar along with 1.5 cups of water. Let the mixture come to simmer. Reduce flame and keep watching. Ensure that you do not stir until this point at all. Also to stir always use only wooden spoon.
5) Keep a close watch on the simmering sugar syrup. The point at which the syrup becomes amber in color, take a drop or 2 using a wooden spatula and drop in cold water. The syrup should be of hard ball consistency. This happens after the 2 string stage. It is okay to let it overboil but not under. May take about 10-12 min to reach this stage
6) Switch off the gas and add the liquid glucose or vinegar and stir quickly.
7) Now pour the sugar syrup on the non stick pan (preferably greased with ghee).
8) After a minute or two as it starts cooling a stretchy tar like mass will start forming. Using a fork and spoon, start pulling it outwards from the centre.
9) Drop it back to form a ring and keep repeating the action until the sugar becomes hard and difficult to stretch.
10) At this stage, start adding the flour mixture (which should be warm if not hot). The sugar will start become malleable again. Continue the stretching activity alternating with adding the flour mixture.
11) The stretching will create sugar threads. Continue doing as much as you can.
12) When the mixture starts cooling down, place it on the greased plate.
13) Sprinkle chopped nuts on the top and using a rolling pin roll it out flat.
14) Cover and let it stand for a couple of hours.
15) Cut in small pieces and transfer in large batches. Ideally try to store in the same plate.


Anonymous said…
Am so proud of your guts Pradnya. Am so inspired to try it next time there.s a special occasion. Wonderfully done. And let me know how many days it lasts at room temperature. Did i mention they look awesome???
Gajus kitchen said…
Absolutely wonderful and will defly try it sometime.. first a small batch using your tips.
vandana rajesh said…
It definitely takes a lot of guts to try a recipe that has not worked once...gr8 going..will give this a try.
Pavani said…
I never knew soan papdi can be made at home. Definitely a labor intensive process, but I'm sure every minute might have been worth it with the delicious homemade soan papdi.
Unknown said…
Wow Soan Papdi at home!!! amazing and delicious!!!
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sushma said…
Glad you made it. Was watching how to make soan papdi on youtube today. Its soo hard to make it. Looks lovely
Padmajha said…
I too bookmarked this one from Gayathri's space. But am still hesitant to try out no ,more so now that you mentioned its not for the weak hearted and weak armed!
Anyways,very brave of you to try and they came out well :)
Anonymous said…
Stunning attempt. I would love to try this in my kitchen too. :)

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