Chocolate Pista Fudge

This diwali mandate for me is to make recipes that have never been done in my kitchen before...

One such recipe playing on my mind for long has been the chocolate pista fudge as seen on Nigella's show. This is one super easy and absolutely delicious recipe to make.

For BM's diwali theme, I present my first recipe..

500 gm dark chocolate 
400 gm condensed milk
60 gm butter (at room temperature)
200 gm crushed pistaschios
1 tbsp clarified butter/ butter
1) In a deep dish non stick pan, add the condensed milk, chopped chocolate and butter.
2) Heat the deep pan on low-medium flame.
3) When the chocolate and condensed milk become a homogeneous mixture stir slowly (about 4-5 min)
4) Add the chopped pistachios and mix well
5) On a greased flat plate pour the fudge mixture.
6) Tap the plate or use a spatula to flatten it out
7) Let it set for 6-8 hours in refrigerator.
8) Once set, use a knife and dip it in warm water and chop it in small squares.

Tip - Do not forget to lick off the pans and knives.


Gajus kitchen said…
Looks yummy and a great recipe..bookmarking it
Jayanthi said…
The fudge looks awesome and I love the addition of pistachios.
vandana rajesh said…
The fudge looks very tempting and I am sure the pistachios make a great addition to the taste.
Anonymous said…
Love the tip right at the end Pradnya! The green pista looks stunning against the dark chocolate. Awesome job
Priya Suresh said…
Prefect,droolworthy fudge for a chocoholic person like me, just love it.
Chef Mireille said…
fudge looks too good - OMG!!
awesomely delicious...yummy.
Raksha said…
This looks awesome and delicious
Padmajha said…
Delicious fudge prepared without a fuss. Looks yumm..
Srivalli said…
Wow that looks so classic P! nice way to enjoy right..
Gayathri Kumar said…
Fudge looks absolutely delicious. My daughter would jump in joy if I made it for her...
Unknown said…
fudge looks so festive and delicious!!
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Pavani said…
My husband's favorite chocolate burfi.. Looks yumm.

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