The ingredients for this are similar to ordinary pizza base however the technique and treatment is what makes a pita different from pizza base.

Personally I love the pitas like nuts....they remind me of bhaturas in terms of texture. Only less oily and probably tad healthier.

The most common accompaniments for pitas is hummus, falafels to go along...but I make them in bulk and usually team it up with various things...like stuffing it with greek salad or using it in the fattoush salad...yummy....

Let me give you the recipe straight...

Things to remember about pita , is that they need to fluff up..ideally and it is damn easy if you follow the recipe..

1.5  cups All purpose flour
1 tspn instant active yeast
1 tspn salt
1 tbsp Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
3/4 cup water (No need to warm if using instant yeast else, slightly warm it)

1) Preheat the oven at 210c for 30-45 min. Place the baking sheet that you plan to use in the oven.
2) In a large basin, mix all the ingredients except water. Rub the oil well in the flour
3) Add the water a tspn at a time and gently fold in the flour to form a soft dough
4) Refrigerate this dough for 40-45 min or until it doubles
5) Using some flour, pinch out small balls and roll out the dough to make small breads (slightly bigger than puri)
6) Cover the rolled out pitas with damp cloth.
7) Now place the pitas on the baking sheet using a hand glove to toss it directly in. Sprinkle some water on the top and close the oven
8) Watch the pitas puffing up like puris. 
9) If the oven is too hot flip over after a min. Else continue. 
10) Bake each batch for 3 min or so. Ensure that the oven is hot before putting in the next batch.

If the pitas are not puffing up, dry refrigerating them covered with damp cloth for a while and try again. 
If nothing else works, use the phulka method, and put them on direct flame using a tong. Remove immediately, avoid spotting or coloring.


Mansi said…
thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with bakefest Pradnya! the pita looks great:)
Anonymous said…
I was looking for a perfect pita recipe. Looks like I found it. Will give it a try very soon.
Chef Mireille said…
never tried making pitas..sounds so easy...will hve to try!

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