Tiramisu (eggless, alcohol free) / spongy cocoa coffee dessert

I have a small bit of paper which has the recipe for tiramisu scribbled on it since a decade almost....there is a fine dining place in Milan , Italy by the name - tradizionale. I visited it more then once time to savor the traditional home style food. There was a lady who served us meals talking to us in italian all the time. Though I did not follow most of what she spoke I knew she was talking about food and culture. I enjoyed those conversation. The only thing she cursed me was that I was not trying the meat (beef) based recipes from their place which she could not understand why....You dont know what you are missing.
I dont know still what I missed, but I definitely did not like to miss her tiramisu each time we went there.
I told her one day that I am going back home, she quickly asked, do you have a coffee filter at home, I nodded (though I did not have one, and I was not cooking those days- who does when you are young and have mom doing it for you ). She quickly wrote the recipe IN ITALIAN for me. She said, it is very easy. If you dont like eggs, simply replace them with more cream and beat it harder. Remember to trap more air.

I still have the paper, and refer it just for the memories....I got my act right with tiramisu eventually....and have ensured to have a fan base at home who enjoys it as much.

Ingredients (to serve 5 people)
10 - 15 Savioardi Biscuits (or sponge cake if you dont have these else click for recipe)
2 cups Fresh Cream or Whipped cream
2 cups Mascarpone Cheese
1.5 cups Icing Sugar 
1 cup express black coffee  (stronger the better)
1/2 cup Cocoa powder 
1 tspn Drinking chocolate (optional)

1) Beat the Mascarpone along with Icing sugar using a electric beater. Add icing sugar 1 tbsp at a time and keep tasting. It should be slightly sweeter than the required taste.
2) Beat the fresh cream until soft peaks are formed. 
3) Add 3/4 of the whipped cream to the Mascarpone mixture and fold it using a spatula
4) Take the biscuits and dip it in expresso, start laying it in a deep dish. Try not to dip the biscuits for longer than 1 sec. They will absorb the coffee slowly
5) Once the biscuits are laid, spread half othe mascarpone mixture
6) Repeat the layering.
7) Spread the whipped cream on the top.
8) Take the cocoa and drinking chocolate together, using a strainer tap it on the top.
9) Freeze this for minimum 30 min.
10) Serve with a cup of coffee.


looks as though it will melt in the mouth!!..I have a different version of this tiramisu..will make it soon...n share.and thanks Pradnya for linking it.
Sumee said…
That looks really good Pradnya. I loved your story..
Priya Suresh said…
Omg, watelse we need, eggless and alcohol free tiramisu looks irresistible.

Btw as you told yep,shallots are small sambhar onions.
Padmajha said…
Eggless version sounds yum.Will try .Thanks for sharing this version Pradnya :)
Rajani said…
ahhh...this is where your cheese mascarpone went! And yeah, who cooks when you are young and when you have your mom cooking for you ;-)

Tiramisu looks fabulous!
Chef Mireille said…
tiramisu is one of my signature desserts I have been making for many years. Would never have thought of an eggless version!
Srivalli said…
I am yet to make Tiramisu Pradnya, this recipe surely will come handy!
Anonymous said…
Looks superb Pradnya amd loved to read about your conversations with the Italian lady. I've always wanted to make these. Will try the biscuits first and then the tiramisu. Thanks for putting it up :)
Kalyani said…
thanks a ton for this recipe ! been looking for a doable alcohol-free and eggfree recipe for Tiramisu for long:)
Unknown said…
These look good.. yummy!!!


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Priya dharshini said…
Simple and the best eggless tiramisu...super tempting :)
Pavani said…
One of my favorite desserts of all times.. Your tiramisu looks yumm!!!
preeti garg said…
Totally delicious...
This is a must must try for me! Amazing! :)

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