Talniche Modak/ Deep fried sweet dumplings / Ganesh Chaturthi special

Ganesh chaturthi time at my place is now associated with lots of food items, lots of preparations and near mayhem like situation around the time, we sit down to prepare the regular Ukadiche Modak (steamed dumplings). The quantity is large and the expectations run high when you prepare some thing for the lord. 
In anticipation of this situation, my MIL and grand-MIL often prepare these deep fried version of the modak to save face and ensure we always have the prasad ready for the pooja when called for...
This year it may be the same situation, although with each passing year I am being more and more confident that we will be able to make the perfect modaks right on time in the expected numbers...
I originally wanted to this theme for Blogging Marathon next week however for the lazy person that I am, lost out on the count. The pictures I have here are from last year's preparations which will be re-posted later next week.

1/2 cup Semolina/ Rawa
2 cups All purpose Flour / Maida
1 cup milk (as needed)
Oil or Ghee for deep frying
for the filling
1 cup fresh grated coconut
1/2 cup grated jaggery
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp raisins
1 tbsp chopped cashewnuts
1 tbsp chopped almonds
1 tbsp chopped pistachios
1 tspn cardamom powder
1)In a pan, add the coconut and jaggery and mix well, keep stirring until the jaggery melts and mixes well
2) Add the sugar and other ingredients and stir until the mixture looks glossy (about 5 min)
3) Set the stuffing aside to cool down
4) Now soak the rawa in 1/2 cup milk and set aside for atleast 20 min
5) Add the maida to this and mix it until it comes together. Add rest of the milk as needed (if more is required try adding 1 tbsp at a time.
6) Cover this and set aside for 30 min
7) Knead the dough after resting it. Use a pestle or a large rolling pin to pound the dough. This will help to soften the dough. Use milk if required (absolutely)
8) Now pinch out small balls of the dough and roll it out
9) Fill the rolled out ball with the filling in the centre.
10) Gather from all directions like you are tying a small knot to a cloth purse. Try pinching to create frill effect across.
11) Set aside covered with a wet cloth until you are done with others
12) In a deep frying pan heat the oil or ghee.
13) Reduce the flame to medium-low. 
14) Deep fry a few modaks at a time until they are golden in color and crisp in texture.
15) Let them drain on paper.

Usually there is a practice of making 1 karanji / empanada shaped modak along with the regular (Story will follow with the steamed version of modak)


Unknown said…
Happy Ganesh Chathurthi!!! Nice modaks!!!


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wow lovely pradnya... not only ganesha likes this me too...
Padmajha said…
I love the fried modak and that too with the sweet filling.Love to indulge on these once a year.Yours look very cute..
I love the fried version.. but its more on the calories side.. still indulging once in a while is not an issue
rajani said…
My MIL makes the prasad and things like that. I usually just enjoy the eatables and leave it at that :D.

The modaks look really tempting!
Jayanthi said…
The modak looks so tempting though I'm happy with steamed ones...I need an excuse to make these modaks ...love it totally!
Sangeetha M said…
deep fried modak looks really tempting...i love this sweet filling more than the savory ones :)
love the modaks..any form is fine as long as you have a wonderful filling..ok Pradnya u could courier me a few fried ones:)
divyagcp said…
Wow!!Deep fried Modaks? Yummy treat for Lord Ganesha.. :)

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Srivalli said…
Love these modek Pradnya..this was the highlight last year..
preeti garg said…
Awesome recipe spl for ganesha jayanti....
Chef Mireille said…
I love the filling!

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