Storing Food Items

So ideally storing food  would seem easier task in today's time, when we have super markets blooming in every corner of the city, thus taking the load off us to buy and store things in bulk.
However, for economical reasons and others, there are certain items that would need some thought processing on how to go about stocking them.

In all possibilies, food is categorized as Perishable or Non-Perishable item. Non perishable are actually the one's that have relatively higher shelf life. 

Without sounding too scientific here..let me tell you about how I store some of the food items.

This is the topic I chose for BM 20 and would like to make most of it by giving you an inner glimpse of what lies behind the closets. (almost!)

 Dairy Food Products
Most food items under this category would call for space in refrigerator. So having fixed size of boxes or containers that fit the refrigerator shelf. Cheese of certain types can easily be stored at room temperatures - at a cool dry spot

Spices & Herbs
Raw spices if you plan to store for than months to come then they are better off in the refrigerator. I found these stackable containers that fit the freezer door compartment. I use it to retain the freshness of my cinnamon, store sesame seeds, dessicated coconut, kasuri methi etc,

Vegetables & Fruits
The vegetables obviously have a very small shelf life. Most refrigerators come with a fantastic compartmentalized arrangements to store them.
Also, there are these stackable and sealable flat boxes that help me stock some vegetables neatly. They are layered and hence gives me the option of saving space in the refrigerator and also segregate the vegetables for easy use
 Dry Fruits & Nuts
I have these containers that sit well in the freezer section to store some rare and exotic dry fruits. For the larger quantity nuts like Almonds and Cashews I store them at room temperature (Not for more than 4-5 months in Mumbai)
 Fresh Herbs & Spices
The masala box, is something that comes handy when you are in rush hour. I found this Lock and Lock version that has four compartments. Helps me a lot

Grains & Pulses
Since there are packs available from 500 gms now, it is easy to store the grains and other lesser staple food items in these vacuum packed boxes. They help keep the summer pests at bay even at room temperatures
 For larger quantities there are the regular stainless steel boxes

I also have magic box - the indian masala box (paala in marathi) that stores the regularly uses dry spice mixes.
Hope you had fun reading how I store food in kitchen....


anjana said…
loved the post..useful ideas.loved the idea of using 4 compartment box!
Nisha said…
I recently wrote a post on how I store and organize my pantry, and wanted to know how others do it too. So it was good reading your post.

I'm gonna get one of those Lock n Lock boxes. I've been searching for a 3-4 compartment box to store my regular green chili/garlic/ginger pastes in the freezer.

Thanks for sharing!
Priya Suresh said…
Beautiful post, i do almost the same way too, well organised again.
lovely post..n good to know how organized u r:))
preeti garg said…
good way to organised and very hygine
Anonymous said…
Whoa! you're one organised lady Pradnya! Nice post.
Unknown said…
Nice post... The ideas for storing them are nice.. If we store the things in right way, then we get the best of out of them in terms of taste and freshness. Means better taste and lesser waste.

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Archana said…
Next time I am buying the lock n lock box.Thanks for sharing.
Jayanthi said…
Love it...totally awed.
Rajani said…
Herbs in freezer? I am off to keep mine too!
Chef Mireille said…
I like the compartmentalized masala box

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