Mixed lentils Dal

Since I opted for Blogging marathon's delicious dal theme I had decided to share this recipe. This is the most simple dal recipe that yields the most amazing tasting dal...
I have almost fallen in love with the kalonji taste as it gives such a fantastic twist to the otherwise predictable taste of any dal.
You must try this one for the goodness of Kalonhi (nigella seeds)...you can mix any kind of dal.

1 cup mix lentils Red lentils, Black gram, split bengal gram, split pigeon peas
 (Masoor, Urad, Chana, Toovar)
1 onion finely chopped
1 tspn ginger garlic paste
1 tspn kalonji
1 tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn red chilli powder
salt to taste
1 tbsp Oil
1) Cook the dals in 1.5 cups of water using a pressure cooker or otherwise until it is soft.
2) Using the back of the ladle lightly crush the cooked dal
3) In a deep sauce pan heat some oil.
4) Add the kalonji seeds and let it crackle.
5) Add the ginger garlic paste and saute it
6) Add the chopped onions and saute again
7) Add the turmeric and red chilli powder and mix well
8) Add the crushed dal mixture and water as needed
9) Add salt to taste and cover the pot
10) Cook for 10-12 min or until the dal comes to a running boil.
Garnish and serve.


Unknown said…
protein rich dhal....

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Perfect side dish for roti ..
Priya Suresh said…
Super comforting and definitely a droolworthy dal.
I use Kalonji a lot..but nevr in daals..will give it a try asap!the daal looks yum:)
divyagcp said…
Delicious and healthy dal.. Love the twist with the addition of kalonji..

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Srivalli said…
That's one healthy mix of lentils!..
Anonymous said…
Your dal reminds of the wonderful dals served at highway dhabas in the north
Sangeetha M said…
very nutritious combo, sounds very delicious n flavorful!
Prabha Mani said…
Wonderful color..yummy preparation!
Jayanthi said…
you have tempted me lady, I'm gonna try it next time I plan to make dal.
Padmajha said…
The simplest recipes are the tastiest and healthy ones too..Nice recipe dear...
Chef Mireille said…
looka flavorful and luscious
sushma said…
Nice and healthy
Rajani S said…
I love dal of any kind, but hubby is not so open to it. He has dal only if there is no other option!
Have never tried kalonji in dal, will def try it sometime!
vidhas said…
Nice and healthy dal, looks inviting.

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