Chocolate Pebbles (chocolate truffles with condensed milk)

When you have a little one who lovingly asks (read: emotionally blackmails) you to give him one chocolate - insists - just one...each day for an activity he likes but makes me believe is good for need to stock up the chocolate section often.
Now that you know the reason behind me stocking up chocolates is because my kid likes it and not I who often gets emotionally stressed and needs to munch to recover, let me share one of the many recipes that help
I am not sure on whether I would have shared this recipe had it not been the theme for blogging marathon...considering it is too basic. Having said that..these pebbles often pass off as store bought international standard chocos

3/4 cup Cocoa powder (I used cadbury's but if you have hershey's use it for richer texture)
1 tspn instant coffee powder (optional - but give nice twist)
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 tbsp butter (melted)
1)In a bowl, mix the butter and condensed milk well
2)Add the cocoa powder one tspn at a time mixing with the fork.
3)Add the coffee powder (or vanilla/ chocolate essence) and continue mixing
4)Add more cocoa if it the mixture appears more fluid. Try storing in refrigerator for 20 min before adding more.
5) Refrigerate the mixture for 2 hours or so before getting into rolling it out
6) Dust your hands with some cocoa powder and start scooping out small parts of the chocolate mixture
7) Using your fingers try to roll them in to small pebbles (mine look good dont they?)
8) Rest them in the refrigerator until consumption


Chef Mireille said…
perfectly shaped truffles!
Pavani said…
Wow.. That's one kind of delicious blackmail by your little one.
I would probably do the same if I have to get these yummy truffles to eat everyday.
Unknown said…
perfect rounds!!! Amazing recipe..


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Rajani S said…
Yes, these truffles/pebbles really look good!
super ..they look very nice and anybody would get tempted..perfectly made!
They look so much like the Cadbury ones...r u sure u made them. ;)
I can die for them. Don't miss linking them to my ongoing event.

Ongoing Event: Cooking Made Easy With Chocolates/Cocoa
Archana said…
Pradnya how I wish I was the one blackmailing you to give me just one of these.:D

Love them especially since you have used cocoa. Thanks bookmarking it.

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veena said…
Wow !!that looks super good!!!
preeti garg said…
Awesome and i love choco ball truffle
Priya dharshini said…
Luks better than professional ones..luv it.
Srivalli said…
OMG talk about emotional blackmails for's a never ending story at home..those balls are looking so wonderful Pradnya
Unknown said…
lovely choco pebbles..wish to try it..
Thanks for linking up. :)
Unknown said…
Superb pebble shape..luks yummy too...wud b tryng it soon...:)

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