Mascarpone Homemade

I tried it finally and loved it....the experience of making this at home was fabulous..ummm mind boggling. I had put off the idea of buying the mascarpone tub many times, worrying that I may not get to use it in time before it expires.
I used Amul's fresh cream and it worked pretty well. Nothing seemed simpler , even the paneer making activity which may at times go wrong....

700 fresh heavy full fat cream
1 tspn white vinegar

1) Boil the cream in a large pot on low -medium heat using a double boiler. 
2) If you have a candy thermometer , wait till the temperature rises to 90-100 c. Else, let it heat till it is just under boiling, slightly bubbling.
3) At this stage, add 1 tspn of white vinegar.
4) Using a spoon keep stirring for another 5-7 min.
5) The cream will not coagulate but sort of thicken (or may coagulate little). Keep stirring until it starts coating the the back of the spoon, about another minute or so.
6) Now, strain this liquid, in a muslin cloth (large) in a huge basin.
7) Tie it from all sides .
8) Leave it overnight in refrigerator.
9) About a cup of water or more will be accumulated
10) If the texture appears grainy , then beat using an electric beater.
Your mascarpone is ready.

Watch the space to know what I did with mine...

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Priya Suresh said…
Well done Pradnya, homemade mascarpone looks prefect.
Chef Mireille said…
you are AMAZING..I would never think of making this myself at home. In fact, I used marscapone in a recipe I just did in advance for next month's BM - but I used the tub from the supermarket. The thought never even crossed my mind to try and make it myself :)
Archana said…
Thanks Pradnya. I have been postponing buying for the same reason. Thanks for this recipe.
Unknown said…
Looks good.. Very helpful as we do not get mascarpone here very easily..

Rajani S said…
It looks lovely. Great job Pradnya :). Am yet to try making or using mascarpone cheese in cooking :D
Gayathri Kumar said…
I don't get mascarpone cheese here. This is a very useful post for me...
Anonymous said…
I wouldn.t ever have thought of making This myself! Way to go!
wow! this is wonderful...could'nt have dreamt of making it at marked !
Archana said…
Thanks for this recipe Pradnya. I followed your recipe to the T and made tiramisu. Loved it.
Unknown said…
In which dishes this cheese can be used?

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