Gul Poli / Sweet jaggery stuffed flat bread

This wins the award for staying longest in my drafts..and I never thought about posting it now when there is no time to make such an elaborate dish.
However, during the month of shravan, there are several occassions that call for sweet recipes. I made this under the watchful eyes of MIL, or rather to be honest...I was helping her out. I am bit jittery when it comes to trying super traditional recipes on special days.
But I noted every possible the recipe is foolproof.

For dough
1 cup All purposed Flour 
1 cup Whole wheat flour (we used APF only as we did not want to take chance)
1/4 cup Vegetable oil (warmed)
a pinch of salt
Clarified butter or Ghee for cooking
For stuffing 
3 cups grated Jaggery / Gul
1/2 cup white sesame seeds
2-3 tbsp Gram flour
1/2 tspn Cardamom pods
1 tspn Nutmeg powder
2 tbsp powdered cashewnuts and almonds
1 tspn poppy seeds
1) In a large basin, add the flours.
2) Prepare a well in the center to add hot oil.
3) Add salt and mix it using a spoon.
4) Add water as needed to a soft dough.
5) Cover the dough with wet kitchen towel and set aside for minimum 30-40 min.
6) In another bowl, take the grated jaggery , break any lumps by hands.
7) In a non stick frying pan, roast the sesame seeds, Let it cool in a plate.
8) Next to the pan, add the gram flour and roast it till it changes color to deep golden. Taste it to check whether the flour has lost is rawness. Roasting this correctly is key to the dish.
9) Now using a mortar and pestle or mixie, coarsely grind the sesame seeds, nuts, cardamom, poppy seeds together 
10)Add this mixture along with the roasted gram flour and nutmeg powderto the jaggery
11) Take the  dough and knead it well using more oil if required to make a stretchy soft dough.
12) Pinch out small balls of the dough
13) Roll each dough to the size of puri.
14) Place the jaggery filling in the centre.
15) Cover from all sides and stuff it in well
16) Now carefully roll out the stuffed dough to thin rotis
17) Carefully lift and place on a hot griddle.
18) These polis roast quickly so carefully flip them over and slow flame
19) Do not flip mutliple times
20) When done well, remove and let it stand. It may become hard and crunchy as it comes to room temperature
21) Serve with hot ghee on top

Sending this to Kalyani’s Magic Mingle


Shobha said…
I love poli.
Nice serving dish.
Priya Suresh said…
Excellent and super healthy flat bread, wish to have some rite now.
simran said…
i love these!....really delicious.
Poli looks amazing. nice recipe

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