Steamed Spring Rolls/Stuffed Rice Pancakes

Growing up in the age when hakka noodles and manchurian were catching up as the next big street food, spring rolls was always known as a deep fried delicacy that you can have when your pocket money can afford things better than a vada pav or frankie.
I still relish this whenever we happen to pass by the chinese counter turned into fancy restaurant now near my school.
At home, though it has been a rarely made dish mostly because I avoid the deep fried stuff.  Last month I laid my hands on rice pan cake sheets at the super market. I picked up not knowing how it would taste.
We thoroughly enjoyed it for dinner which was suppose to light yet filling as per the original plan.
If you keep no prejudice about this dish then I promise you will love it too..

Rice pan cake sheets 
1 bowl cooked noodles (as per instructions)
1 cup chopped vegetable juliennes (cabbage, spring onions, carrots, capsicum)
2 tbsp bean sprouts
1 tspn soy sauce
1 tspn red chilli sauce
1 tspn ginger garlic paste
Oil to cook
salt and pepper to taste
for dipping sauce
1 tspn chopped garlic
1 tspn chopped ginger
1 tspn soy sauce
1 tspn tomato ketchup
2 tspn sugar
2 tspn red chilly paste
1) In a large wok, heat some oil
2) Add the vegetables,beansprouts and noodles. Saute them on high flame for 4-5 min until they come together
3) Add the sauces and seasonings
4) Set this aside to cool down
5) In a flat dish/plate , take some water.
6) Dip the rice pan cake sheet 1 at a time, for about 15-20 seconds
7) Now remove and let it blot on muslin cloth or kitchen towel 
8) Place the noodle filling in the centre
9) Wrap one side over the noodle mixture
10) Now fold in the sides
11) Roll over till you cover the entire sheet
12) For the dipping sauce, mix all ingredients together add some water and heat in a pan till the sauce becomes slightly thicker.
13) Cool and serve along with the spring rolls.


Chef Mireille said…
these rolls when they are not fried - we call them summer rolls. Spring rolls are the fried ones - I love the filling you have here
Priya Suresh said…
We get this kind of not fried spring rolls here in chinese store, well done and am in love with that filling.
Unknown said…
looks fabulous..
Usha said…
Steamed spring rolls look good and a nice substitute to deep fried spring rolls.
preeti garg said…
Awesome.... Steam optiion
Srivalli said…
I don't know if we get it here..and I mostly like fried ones..:)..but this is surely is a healthy option..
Kalyani said…
loved the filling ! hey lady, you owe me a lot of stuff when we meet next :) :) rice paper rolls,wanton wraps and puff pastries !! :) LoL !

am relatively free after 26th July on weekdays.. ping me on my fone when we can meet

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sushma said…
This is one of my fav....I always had this deep fried..will try the steamed ones too...
Unknown said…
Yes this rice sheets are in my search list. In which super market you got them? have to search for them and stuffing sounds delicious.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
That is a great spring roll! Looks fabulous! Love the step-by-step pictures!
Jayanthi said…
I've tried just juiline cut veggies ...adding noodles to the filling is a nice variation. Looks so delicious and tempting.
Amarendra said…
Looks very tempting!!!

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