Masala Corn Cobs (Roasted)

A very common sight during monsoons in Mumbai is the bhutta cart...Bhutta is corn. You may find the vendor lugging around a charcoal stove ,roasting the corn, applying masalas, sprinkling lime juice and some happy eaters enjoying the warmth under the rains.
Unfortunately rains are scanty at the moment so there are really no rainy moments as yet. Hopefully that should change in couple of weeks time. However, I got my stock of fresh corn cobs and wasted no time in roasting them.
Showing my little one how to enjoy corns on the pod was a fun event. I even offered him to make his on toppings...where he could spoil his hands (and the house) adding a bit of salt, lime, pepper etc...rubbing with some butter whatever he liked...he rubbed in some powdered sugar too...I did not taste that bit but I am sure it was good.

Corn Cobs (as many you like)
1 lemon/lime juice
red chilli powder
black pepper powder
butter (optional)
1) Carefully peel the corn leaves. Do not pluck them off. You can easily hold the corn using the leaves at the base
2) Clean the threads if any (mostly Indian corns will have lot as compared to American Corn)
3) On a gas stove, roast the corn cobs turning them around often until they start getting blistered or popping up.
4) In a bowl, squeeze the lemon juice. Add salt, pepper, chilli and mix well
5) When the corn is roasted from all sides, rub using the squeezed lemon, dipping it in the dressing.
6) Dig in

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sushma said…
This reminds me of Mumbai monsoon.....
Unknown said…
perfect for rainy season.. i am your follower :) do stop by mine sometime..
Unknown said…
this really reminds me chennai beach....
yummy... but still never had this...
now I feel like going dn to law garden...where these corn carts are selling these in a row..mooh me paani aa gaya...yum!!....
Srivalli said…
All time favorite! kids love it..
Unknown said…
Had a lot during school days in Mumbai....looks delicious
Usha said…
It is raining out here and would not mind having those masala corn on the cob
Priya Suresh said…
Makes me nostalgic, wish to have this masala corn rite now.
Harini R said…
My daughter was just asking me to make these a few days back when it was raining :)
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Ummm, summertime favorite! Looks fab!

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