Home made garam masala (maharashtrian style)

This summer I ended up making quite few plans for my pantry stockings. I barely could achieve the plans but whatever little I could do made me very happy. Especially now during the rains when I end up using some of the good old work.
One such thing on my to-do list has been the popular kanda lasun masala (also known as Kolhapuri masala) which is stocked round the year by Mom and also provided to me . I want to make it at home..some day..

Yes I could not fulfill that wish yet I am happy as I have made part of it...the garam masala that is prepared and added to the onion , garlic coconut roasted powders....
So this year, I ended up making a large bottle which dear mother feels would last me couple of years..I dont know whether she is unhappy about me not going to borrow her masala this year....it may be difficult to see the wings and watch your little worm turn into a butterfly, maybe....just want to tell her though that I owe you so much and I am yet so to learn so many things that this worm will keep crawling back into your cocoon

Coming to the masala that I am now using in all my dishes and getting appreciations.
1 Kg Dry Coriander Seeds (Dhania)
1/2  kg Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

90 gm Mustard Seeds (Mohri/ Rai)
20 gm Black Cardamom (Badi Elaichi)
40 gm Bay Leaves (Tejpatta/ Tamalpatra)
40 gm Cloves (Laung/ Lavang)
30 gm Black Pepper (kali miri)
40 gm Cinnamon (Dalchini)
20 gm Shaha Jire
40 gm Nakeshwar (has a very strong flavor, you can leave this out if you find it overpowering)
40 gm Sesame Seeds
40 gm Poppy Seeds
20 gm Choti Elaichi / Cardamom

40 gm Fenugreek Seeds
20 gm Dagadphul (yet to figure out its english name, but you can skip this)
20 gm Jaypatri / Mace
1/4 Kg Red chilli powder
2 Nutmeg
1) Clean the ingredients and also check for any moss or pests.
2) Spread them out under the sun if possible.
3) Dry roast each of them individually until they start giving out the aromas
4) Grind them in the coffee grinder or dry chutney maker to make fine powder.
5) Sieve through a mesh and keep grinding the remains until you are able to grind it.
6) Store in a clean dry air tight container. Lasts well for a year

You can use this as a replacement to standard garam masala, kitchen king, or any other masala. You can adjust the flavors to suit your palate like adding more cinnamon or cloves. My suggestion is not to add these to the base masala but could be added separately while cooking to give that extra flavors.

- Add this masala along with cardamom (black for meat based and green for vegetable/ paneer), Green  Bay leaf and Cinnamon to make tasty biryani masala

- Add the masala along with more cloves, black pepper, dry mango, rock salt to punjabi dishes
- Add this masala along with crushed ginger powder or fresh ginger to make gravy based items


Chef Mireille said…
what a fragrant masala, I am sure those spices marry into a flavorful combo
Usha said…
I have heard of this masala but never tried. It looks like a very flavorful masala powder.
Pavani said…
I made Anjum Anand's Maharashtrian masala, but that didn't have as many spices in it.
Srivalli said…
That's really so interesting, it's almost like the biryani masala I recently made. I can understand how we always go back to mom asking for masalas and so many other things...Yes I might say we might be considered lazy to make our own, but I know my mom feels happy giving it to me..:)

When you said this is part of kolhapuri masala..can you share that as well..have been wanting to prepare that also for a long time now.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Handy Dandy masala powder. What will Indians do without their masala powders?
divyagcp said…
Have been using garam masala a lot.
But have never tried making them at home.
Useful post..
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Anisha said…
That is a great masala. there are quite a few things in there about which I have never heard of. interesting to leran new stuff.

I would love to know that other masala that you were talking about which the onion garlic one..
Jayanthi said…
You are so lucky to stay near your mom to go back to her cocoon. I get to do it once in 2 years and that's my only chance to stock what I can, otherwise its mine. The masala is so flavorful...love it when its homemade that by itself is so aromatic.
Padmajha said…
Flavorful masalas and I completely agree with CL-what will we do without masalas!!!
homemade is always better
Archana said…
Wow this masala has a long list of ingredients. Will try it thanks.
Harini R said…
hey Dagad phool is also known as Pathar phool or black stone flower and Rathi puvvu in telugu.
Very flavorful masala!

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