Event Round up - Mango mania 99 days

The king of fruit stayed over at The Pumpkin Farm for 99 days in various forms. What a fantastic collection we have managed to put up together! 
If you were happy eating the fruit in its natural form...you ought to take a look of how it has been used to create one great dish after the other.
I got a whopping 130 +  dishes in the collection using all forms of mango...Raw mango, ripe mango, dry mango powder . Mango was used to create salad, juices, gravies,paranthas,  chutneys, pickles, puddings, cakes, icecream, kulfis, sweets, pastas, salsas...you name it and it is found here...

Dont believe me...take a ride!


Mango Panha (panna, aam panna, raw mango panna) is the usually the first thing to be made the moment mangoes launch themselves in the market

Try the variations 
Panha - @ Rajani's My Kitchen Trials
Aam Panna - @ Swheta in the Kitchen
Aam Panna - @ Srividhya's blog
Mango Panna - @ a home makers diary
Aam Panna - @ Riappyayan's blog

Mango Lassi 
is another popular way of having mango as a beverage

Try the variations 
Follow Foodie's Mango Lassi
Food Mazaa's - Mango Lassi
Sara's Corner - Mango Lassi
Vardhini's - Mango Lassi
Nalini's - Mango Lassi
Kalyani's - Mango Lassi

Other beverages to watch out are ...

Amy's- Mango Juice
Hema's - Mango Smoothie
Vijaia's  - Mango Colada
Anusha's - Mango Milkshake
Food Mazaa's - Mango Submarine
Spicy Kitchen's - Raw Mango Sarbath
Srividhya's - Home made slice
Prabhamani's - Mango Lemonade
Mireille's - Mango Mint Mocktail
Rekha's - Mango Oats smoothie
Raksha's - Mango Milkshake
Mirielle's - Tropical Breakfast Smoothie
Rekha's - Mango badam Milk

I was expecting Cakes to be made using mangoes, and luckily not disappointed....I have failed miserably in my cake attempts using mango...but take a look at the one's made below...

Curries using mangoes, I am sure you are aware of, but look at the varieties, below using both raw and ripe mangoes alike

Amy’s - Raw Mango Curry
Mirielle’s - Seitan And Mango Stir Fry
Mom’s Corner- Mango Thokku
Kaveri’s - Mango Dal
Spicy Kitchen’s - Sweet Raw Mango Curry
Spicy Food’s - Green mango curry
Renu’s - Ripe Mango Kadhi
A homemaker’s diary’s -  Mango Lentil Soup & Chinger Macher Aam Kasundi

Rice or Roti or Side dishes to go along with the curries using mango? There are options for that as well...
Jayanthi’s - Mavinakayi Chitranna
Preeti’s - Aam Parantha Roll
Spicy Kitchen’s - Mango Rice
Rajani’s - Beach Style Chundal And  Mango rice
Ez Cookbook’s - Hearty  Mango Munchies  - Ez Cookbook

Pickles, Instant Pickles and Chutney's are also popularly made with the mangoes...

Anjana’s - Aam ki laungi
Goddess of Spices’ - Millagai Mangai
Pal’s - Raw Mango Chunda And Raw Mango Chutney
Rajani’s - Instant Mango Pickle - Mangakkari And Mango Chutney
Anisha’s - Raw Mango Pickle (Kerala Style)
My own - Baby Mango pickle
Srividhya’s - Tender Mango Pickle / Mavadu
Chandrani’s - Mango Chutney With Grated Coconut
Valar’s - Mango Pickle
Tiffin Carriers Antique’s - UppuManga: Mango Pickle in Brine
A home makers diary’s - Sweet and Sour pickle

Also found some interesting recipes for Salads, Soups, Salsas, Sauces, Relishes and  more Chutneys
 My own- Raw Mango Onion Relish
Mirielle’s - Sweet Potato Fries And Mango Ketchup
Kaveri’s Maankgi Pachadi
Srav’s Kobbari Mamidikaya Pachadi
Sobha’s - Mango Avocado Salsa
Kaveri’s Fruit Salad in Mango Sauce
Amarendra’s - Mango Pasta Salad

Anjali’s - Chatpata Mango Salsa
Mythreyi’s - Mango Salsa
Deepika’s - Mint and Mango Chutney
Torviewtoronto’s - Mango chutney
Mirielle’s - Tortilla Chips & Mango Salsa
Lubna’s Chickpea Salad with Raw Mangoe
MyspicyKtichen’s - Mango And Corn Salad
Supriya’s - Mango Chutney
Jagruti’s - Mango and Garlic Chutney
Uma Shankar ‘s – Mango Salsa
Deepa’s Mango Pachadi
Kaveri’s Mambazha Pulissery
Anshu’s - Mango Salsa

And if you are in a mood to Preserve the goodness of mangoes round the year, you ought to check the next batch.

Mirielle - Mango-Papaya Jam
Julie’s - Raw Mango Chutney
Akila’s - Mango Jam
A homemakers diary’s -  Raw mango Preserve and  Aamchur

Like me I am sure you are now expecting to see some Sweet or Dessert options

Rajani’s Aamras
Priya’s Mango Wheat Halwa
Rajani’s Amrakhand
Chandrani’s Mango Juice Aamras
Julie’s Mango Coconut Laddu
Sara’s Mango Kesari
Sara’s Mango Burfee
A homemakers diary’s - Sandesh

While we are on it, you make also like to see the options for Chilled Desserts which works as Mangoes arrive in summer season.

Amy's - Mango And Milk PuddingRainbow jelly with Mango Pudding,
Mango Mousse , Mango SorbetMango Sago Dessert
Anajali's - Tango with Mango

Mirielle's - Mexican Mango Pudding , Broiled Mango Parfait  And  Mango Coconut Flan 
Amy's Mango Parfait
Veena's - Vanilla Pannacotta with Mango Puree
Food Mazaa's - Mango Lychee Delight
Vijaia's - Eggless Mango Mousse
Supriya's - Saffron Flavoured Mango Mousse
Lubna's - Mango Mousse
A homemakers diary's - Mango Sorbet

And if you thought chilled desserts did not give you an array of kulfis or icecreams, I have categorized them separately here as Frozen foods. 

Sadaf's- 1-2-3 Mango Ice Cream
Preeti's  - Nutty Mango Shake with ice-cream
Food Mazaa's  - Mango Kulfi
Sobha's  - Eggless Mango Ice cream
Anamika's - Mango Fool
Tastebud's  - Mango Icecream And Milkshake
Rajani's  - Mango Kulfi
Nalini's - Strawberry Mango Popsicle
Julie's - Mango Basil Sorbet
Nithu's Mango Popsicle
Chandrani's Mango Kulfi ~ Hot Summer Treat
A homemakers diary's - Kulfi And  Icecream

Put mangoes to good use....:)


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nice round-up:-)
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Nice round up.. Got to see all possible recipes that can be made with mangoes..

Divya's Culinary Journey
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Lovely roundup! bookmarking this page for future use.
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nice round up... have to make some before the season ends.. i cannot believe I missed this event :-( I am not able to click on the links... are they working?
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Lovely round up!
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ultimate round up. great one.
Chef Mireille said…
great roundup - so many look interesting to try - however, I think you inadvertently left one of mine off in error - mango papaya jam - http://gourmetglobal.blogspot.com/2012/05/mango-papaya-jam.html
Unknown said…
Wow! thats really a great effort by you to link each and every recipe in a order...Thanks.

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Delicious looking roundup every thing looks mouthwatering.
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Awesome collection of mango dishes..
Wonderful roundup !
awesome roundup pradnya.. good job.. aprreciate teh effort taken to classify !!:)
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fabulous - this will now be my #1 resource for mango recipes :)
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Wow!! awesome collection of mango recipes. Thanks for the lovley round up.
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Round Up looks amazing!
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Lovely roundup, Pradhnya... Awesome & mouthwatering entries!!
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