Tapioca pearls papad/Sabudana papad - Sundried

This summer has been fruitful for my appetite to make new things. I made a couple of pickles, a few new preserves, slushes and then to top it all my sundried goodies. I do not recollect my mother making any papad on her own while growing up. She always had the stocks supplied from my granny and other aunts who ensured that their daughter living in the busy city was never deprived of the goodness.
Besides the granny and aunts, I also have some fond memories of my cousins who loved to spend their time making variety of papad during our summer vacation. Each year there was the same stock plus something new. Things are still the same with most of them who are now married off and probably enjoying their summers with their new families. When I thought of making one of the many papad at home, I also planned to call up all of them to catch up in general as I went about making them....
while I am at stage 1 with papad they have graduated to making varieties that not the choicest chefs in world would think of....soya sauce flavored rice papad, tomato basil papad, mixed flour papad...so much for your little brain to cultivate. You know now, where I have set my eyes for next summer...dont you?

Ingredients (for about 20 medium sized papads)
1 cup Tapioca pearls/ Sabudana
2 tspn Cumin seeds 
salt to taste
1) Soak the sabudana pearls for atleast 2 hours (start like at 6 AM in the morning)
2) After 2 hours, remove the water if any.
3) Now add twice the amount of water of the fluffed sabudana
4) Add salt and cumin seeds and mix well.
5) Heat on medium flame till the solution appears thick and transparent. About 15 min
6) Spread out a plastic sheet and find a sunny spot in your house.
7) Using a laddle drop the sabudana mixture to form small papads. 
8) Lay this out in the sun for 2 days. Take inside during the night.
9) The edges will start getting lifted as they start drying.

Store in air tight box when it is completely dry.

Deep fry and eat them even when fasting :)


I can just snack on them any day ... any time..
anjana said…
crunchy and pefectly done papad..
Nisha said…
wow. it sounds pretty simple and easy in your instructions!

i was thinking of getting a packet of the dried sabudana papads from India in my next trip.

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Shobha said…
can't stop eating them once you start..
Tempting snack..
Priya Suresh said…
My all time fav,wish to have some rite now.
Love them!!! amma adds some green chili paste too!!! love to eat it half-dried, delicious!!!!
Unknown said…
I just love them...Looks delicious!!!!
Srivalli said…
I simply love these papads!..
Usha said…
i remember my mom making these papad. I use to help her too.
my all time fav. awesome
sushma said…
I just love this....
Jayanthi said…
Ooh...love those papads, perfectly done. I remember helping my mom and granny make these papads (oh ...don't imagine anything big, my job was to shoo away the crows). But I would sneak some on the job....hehehe!!Next venture is to try some sun dried goodies myself...looks fab!!!
Suma Gandlur said…
I stick to the traditional ones. :) Our summer has started recently and I have to prepare them yet.
R said…
wow perfectly made!
Sangeetha M said…
never tried these papads at home, u have done it perfectly..looks crunchy n yummy!!
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Julie said…
my child hood favorite....can munch in any numbers,made perfect!!

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Padmajha said…
This is one of our favorites. Have this in my drafts too..
veena said…
I love these!!!!!

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