Sundried Stuffed Green chillies/ Dahyatlya mirchya

The most handy stuff for me especially for a day I run out of steam to cook a meal. The simplest menu to save me has been a pot of steamed rice, tempered with deep fried stuffed green chilly and served with a bowl of curd. Until now I never really bothered to make the stuffed chillies. It was only when I thought of making a list of favorite sundried products that it occurred of trying to make stuffed green chillies at home. 
Mom took care of stuffing my brain with the details as I went about passing on the stuff in fresh green chillies.
I have a chronic issue with handling green chillies. It burns my hands for atleast a couple of days after I am done with it. I applied loads of oil this time and then handled the ingredients. I am sorry for not capturing step by step pictures. I managed to dry the chillies in about 4-5 days with about 4-5 hours daily.

10 firm green chillies (preferably longer)
3 tbsp coriander seeds powder (dried and lightly roasted seeds)
1.5 tbsp black mustard seeds powder (dried and lightly roasted seeds)
2 tspn rock salt (or regular, I used a mixture)
a pinch of asafoetida
2 cups thick sour curds
1) Wash the chillies and slit them in the middle. Retain the stem.
2) If you wish to eat less spicier option, remove the seeds. I kept them for few and removed for others to balance out (silly decision, as now I dont know which fall under which category)
3) In a large pot, add the remaining mixture and beat it well.
4) Soak the chillies in the mixture , stirring occasionally using a spoon or fork and ensuring the chillies are well coated and soaked
5) I kept them for two and half days in total.Towards the end, the buttermilk was absorbed and had left a thick paste of the remaining masalas. Stuff this in the chillies until they are packed
6) On a plastic sheet , lay out the chillies separated from each other under direct sun.
7) Take them in during the night.
8) It took me about 4-5 days to get the desired texture. It really depends on the amount of sun you get.
Store in a air tight container, stays well for months. I preserve them in refrigerator. 

The way to enjoy it is to deep fry them and serve along side your meal. My favorite styles besides the one mentioned earlier is to deep fry them, crumble and mix with curd. Beat the curd really well. Add more tempering of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves to the curd along with salt. Pour this on rice and stir well.


Priya Suresh said…
Seriously these stuffed green chillies are simply awesome,never heard about this,thanks for sharing.
Padmajha said…
We make this without the stuffing. Adding those spices must make it very flavorful...
Usha said…
I love dried chilies (the ones soaked in butter milk)and the stuffed ones look even more flavorful.
Jayanthi said…
Love it totally, awesome recipe. I need to try it ....looks very tempting. LOL on your mom stuffing your brain ;)
R said…
they look so delicious. brings back memories of india....
Sangeetha M said…
dried stuffed chillies is very new n innovative...sounds too tempting dear...loved it!!
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Harini R said…
the filling there sounds very tasty.
Srivalli said…
That's a wonderful treat Pradnya, we have a batch getting dried right now..:)
Unknown said…
Love to have with curd rice...Very tempting!!!!
Chef Mireille said…
would never think of drying these
love these dried chillies with curd rice,we do make the same but use methi seeds instead of coriander seeds...
love it. simple awesome stuffed chilies.
divyagcp said…
Can have yogurt rice anytime. Stuffed chilli perfect to go with it.

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Suma Gandlur said…
This stuffed version is definitely new to me.
I know how the hands burn after you handle chillies. Even after cooking for all these years, I dread using green chillies and usually pass the job to my husband. :)
veena said…
wow!!!!These look so good. A very new recipe to me!!

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