Sun Dried Mixed Lentil chunks/ Sandage

This morning started unusually different....I decided to go for a rainy drive in the woods....hmm, i got the same reaction as yours from dear husband...where are the woods and what is there to watch out for in the concrete jungle. I insisted , so we took off quietly when the world was lazying around on a sunday morning. 
What an amazing experience it was.....we went to the nearest tip of the city that is yet to be a part of the greater administration. We stood by the hills and watched the rain trickle off the stony edges. Blissful! Life is all about stealing moments.
Coming back to this week's theme for BM, I opted for Sundried products and though I have a million things running across my head I deliberately picked items that are easily provided to me by my mother. I may not push myself out of my comfort zones ever again.

Sandage(saa-and-gay) are basically maharashtrian variety of the popular wadi, mongodi, vadagam. These are very tasty and are combined with staples like Brinjals, onions, dals or dried fish. They taste great when combined with some spicy maharashtrian masalas - kolhapuri kanda lasun etc. I will soon post a recipe of the veggie .

Ingredients - Sandage  (Mix lentil)
2 tbsp Split Black Lentil (Urad)
2 tbsp Split Red Lentil (Masoor)
2 tbsp Split Pigeon Peas(Toovar)
2 tbsp Split Bengal Gram (Chana)
2 tbsp Split Green Gram (Mung)
1 tbsp chilli powder
1 tspn asafoetida
1/2 tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn Coriander-Cumin seeds
salt to taste
1) Soak all the lentils and dals in sufficient water overnight (atleast 10 hours)
2) In morning just before 8:00 AM atleast, grind the soaked , drained dal using very less water to a grainy textured paste.
3) Add salt and all the spices to make mixture.
4) Lay out a plastic sheet in the sun.
5) Using a small spoon start dropping small chunks (it should be half the size of soya chunks).
6) Let them dry in sun for couple of days until they are completely dry and stone like.
7) Store them in an airtight container and use as required

When you do wish to use have to dry roast it in a pan. Then add it to any vegetable stir fry , dont forget to add water to let the chunks soak up and become soft.


Padmajha said…
I have used Mangodi but this one looks very nice.And the dish u made with it is super tempting. Love these sun dried products...
Shobha said…
I have tasted these( the curry) at my aunt's place in Kolhapur..super yummy.
Priya Suresh said…
Fantastic lentil chunks,wish to prepare some at home..Btw i dont the hindi word for Dry turkey berries Pradnya rite now,let me find it for you.
Unknown said…
My mom used to make this in Bombay>>.Looks tempting...
this looks amazing. so tempting dear
Usha said…
Potato curry with sandage is tempting and delicious!
Srivalli said…
I envy your stolen moments..we hardly get to do that..:)..

coming to the post..wonderful one..I remember my experiment with vaadis..
Chef Mireille said…
new to me but looks so interesting
Sangeetha M said…
Wow...homemade mixed dal Vadi! Would love to try this!!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Jayanthi said…
Wonderful to hear about your blissful moment, can imagine myself enjoying such a moment. We make something similar to your lentil chunks to be used in gravy. Love the color of the gravy...nice one!!!
Harini R said…
Love the idea of mixed dal wadis.
Wow!sounds interesting,vadi with mixed dal,I have tasted the moong vadi curry in my friend's place...the curry looks so tempting...
Interesting Combination.. of lentils..
Suma Gandlur said…
Never knew about this lentil combo sandige.
veena said…
Very new to me...looks very intresting

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