Sabudana Wada/ Tapioca pearls fritters

I have practically stopped deep frying foods ever since I have cracked some amazing recipes in the oven like the Onion Rings, Manchurian etc. But I have decided to relax the rule of avoiding deep fried foods a bit during the monsoons. Also, when would my son learn about these goodies. Enough of the reasons and straight to the recipe for the day – sabudana wada. There are quite a few eateries in Mumbai which specialize in these wadas – the most famous of all is Aswad , Dadar. Though I enjoy it there and many other places, I like it the most when my mother makes it. Her version is not the best to meet the standards of purists who would say, the sabudana has to be fluffy but not sticky, wada needs to be round and crispy from outside but when broken up the pearls should simply scatter apart. Hers is sticky and stretchy, all pearls are well bound by the mashed potato in it yet it taste's the most delicious. She makes a special chutney to go along with it which is curd based. I will post that recipe some other day.
For now try this version.

2 cups tapioca pearls/ sabudana
3-4 medium sized potatoes
½ cup roasted and roughly crushed peanuts
2 -3 tspn crushed green chillies
1 tspn crushed cumin seeds
Salt to taste
     1) Soak the sabudana with just enough water (not to soak under water). Wash them in a
        bowl and then drain off the water about 90%. Cover and keep aside. Minimum 4-5 hours.
     2) Boil the potatoes until they are well cooked. Peel and mash them.
     3) Crush the roasted peanuts roughly so that part of it is powdered and other part is roughly 
        chopped and crunchy.
     4) Now in a large basin, add the sabudana, potatoes, peanuts, salt, green chillies and cumin
     5) Mash it well with your hands and mix together to form a sticky dough.
     6) Lightly grease your palms, now make small flat balls (like tikki) and set aside. Ensure there are no open pockets else the balls will burst in the oil.
     7) Heat oil in a large wok. Once the oil has reached smoking point, reduce the flame and keep it at medium.
     8) Start dropping the balls 2-3 at a time in the medium hot oil. Stay away from the wok 
     9) If the sabudana starts popping up, then knead the remaining ones more and ensure they are well bound 
    10) Fry them till they are nice and crispy and golden in color.

     TIP: Some recipes suggest adding lime juice to the dough but that tends to split open when put in hot oil. I'd rather use lime in the chutney 
     Serve hot with curd or green coconut chutney( non garlic if fasting).


Srivalli said…
Looks awesome pradnya, love this though I haven't technically made it myself!
Archana said…
Wow Pradnya! tehse are yummy. Best for the rains. Thanks for not adding lemon to the dough tip.
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Shobha said…
The sabudana vadas look nice and crispy..
Priya Suresh said…
Super addictive wadas,i dont bother to munch some rite now.
looks fantastic and yummy vada
Usha said…
Vada looks crispy and mouthwatering!
Unknown said…
looks so crisp ican munch them for the whole day
Cool Lassi(e) said…
You did the right thing by relaxing the rule, so your son could enjoy deep-fried delicious food!

Only now can they enjoy it. Vada looks crispy and super tempting!
Jayanthi said…
I always shallow fry these fritters, like you its been ages I've made these tasty ones. Looks awesome and would you mind sharing the curd based chutney?
Eat2live2travel said… favorite snack while fasting ;)
Gayathri Kumar said…
Loved your mom's version. They look so delicious and inviting...
Vardhini said…
Crunchy and yummy snack.

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Pavani said…
Crunchy & delicious snack..
Chef Mireille said…
moderation is the thing...fried foods once in a while isn't going to kill you and these look oh so good
Ruchira Hoon said…
Yummy! And a cup of tea please
Padmajha said…
Looks very tempting.Yum...
I always loved these but cause they soak in so much oil gave up eating...look real delicious:)
Prabha Mani said…
Love this Vaada anytime,mine recipe also similar.Healthy one.
Harini R said…
love these vadas. perfect for a rainy day!
rajani said…
I have never had these before, but they look awesome. And I never deep fry, I am bloody scared of the hot oil!
veena said…
Love to have some now!!!!
Tapioca Pearls can be used in place of Tapioca starch, only if they have been ground into a powder by method of a food processor.
PV said…
I just love these...

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