Pizza in microwave with ready-made sauce

Rarely I pick up ready to eat stuff and especially toppings or sauces..I simply love to make it myself at home. Yet I picked this ready to eat pizza sauce topping off the shelf to check whether I have got it right and also to know whether we have finally started getting better pizza/pasta sauces in India.

1 bottle pizza sauce
pizza base (recipe with Yeast or without Yeast or microwave or griddle based)
chopped vegetables of your choice 
Cheese topping (I used Amul mozarella and was floored by it)
1 tbsp Olive Oil or butter
seasonings (salt, pepper, chilly flakes, additional mixed herbs)
1) Brush some oil or melted butter on the pizza base.
2) Spread the pizza sauce on the base.
3) Add the chopped vegetables on the top.
4) Sprinkle seasonings
5) Bake in a preheated oven for 20 min. Or
5) Microwave for 8 min. Or
5) Roast on hot griddle covered with lid for last 2 min in the total duration of 5-8 min.

Although I did not explicitly mention it earlier, I realize you would want to know whether it is worth investing in the sauce. I like my version of sauce better for the sheer lack of freshness in the bottled version. But it is something that I may always pick when time is not on my side. The people who were lucky to eat this thoroughly enjoyed it.
I have two big thumbs up for Mozarella though.


Srivalli said…
Hey that's good...I almost missed out taking this couple of times..must try it next time..
Chef Mireille said…
you didn't tell us if the sauce was the same when you make it yourself or what was the difference???
Sangeetha M said…
i always use ready made pizza sauce only :) handy one!! love homemade pizza!!
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R said…
gr8 treat for kids... delicious.
Unknown said…
Must try soon as i have never tried pizza base at home..Looks yummy!!!
grt idea to try in emergency...rt?..must give it a shot.
Jayanthi said…
nice idea....such a nice and easy recipe.
Vardhini said…
I mostly use ready made sauce and it is a life saver :).

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Priya Suresh said…
Ready made sauce are definitelty handy, yummy pizza.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Microwave pizza looks colorful and an easy thing to whip- up!
looks very delicious
divyagcp said…
Love the quick easy way to make pizza..I mostly use store bought sauce too. Looks delicious.

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Delicious and yummy pizza,ready made pizza sauce is very handy........
Prabha Mani said…
I use Pasta sauce for making Pastas..Perfect handy!I love pizza
Padmajha said…
Yes home made stuffs are fresh and do taste better but I guess you can use this when in a hurry
Kalyani said…
readymade sauce is truly a time saver... lovely cheesy pizza there !

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