Chhota Bheem in Dholakpur Cake

It was a long standing dream for me to create a cake that had creative elements on it. I am a huge fan of all the TV shows where they illustrate those wonderful cake creations done using sugar paste etc. I was sure about one thing though that whenever I made that kind of cake, I would try to use more cake, less fondant and whether the cake looks pretty or not it should taste fabulous.
Well, it did taste good and about how it turned out, have a look

2 kgs Cake flour (check for recipe)
16 eggs
1 kg caster sugar
1 kg butter
8 tspn vanilla essence
for the icing
500 gms butter
750 gms icing
50 ml butterscotch sauce
1 cup choco chips
For characters and settings
200 gms fondant, sugar paste
1 cup sugar syrup - flavored with vanilla
edible colors

1) In a large(fairly large) basin add the butter, caster sugar, vanilla essence.
2) Beat using an electric beater beat till the mixture is light and fluffy.
3) Add eggs one at a time and continue  beating.
4) Now add the cake flour spoonful at a time and using a spatula start mixing it in. 
5) Use a folding action stir in all the flour till you get a smooth batter without lumps.
6) Preheat the oven at 170c.
7) Line a large baking tray with wax paper. 
8) Put half the cake batter and spread it out evenly.
9) Bake for 20-25 min. This was sufficient time considering the cake was spread evenly.
10) Repeat this for the next half. 

Arranging the cake.
Characters - Create the characters using the sugar paste. Use your creativity, match the colors with the real characters to come close.
I created Dholu, Gholu, Kalia, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu Monkey.

Jelly candies- I picked some jelly candies in the shape of crocodiles, penguins, horses etc.

Icing - For the cake, I created butterscotch icing. Mixed, butter, icing sugar and butterscotch sauce to create the icing. Keep it in fridge.

I created 2 small round cakes using the remaining batter to create structures- Mountain creek, Bheems, tree Katta.

Tree- This was the most challenging part. I used pretzels and licorice candies to tie it together.  I used some green icing to create leaves. I used the melted chocolate to stick the branches in the tree.

Laddoos and basket - Fondant was used to create laddoos and ferrero roucher shell to create the basket.

Assembling was done like this.

1) Pour some sugar syrup on the cakes. Ice one cake on the top face. Pop in fridge for 20 min to let the icing settle.
2) Spread the choco chips on it and place the other cake on top
3) Spread the remaining icing to cover it all.
4) Keep this in fridge for another 20 min.
5) Now repeat the second layer of icing. This will ensure smooth spread
6) Now for the structures - arrange a small round cake covered with fondant. in one corner
7) Another corner create the sweet shop using cake covered with fondant
8) In one corner create a mountain, using cake pieces covered with brown fondant.
9) Create a river using blue icing and small pebbles to create the shore using fondant.
10) Made a slide using white chocolate and placed Kalia and his aides
11) Covered the surroundings with chocolate ganache
12) Added some licorice candies to add color

The Cake Batter

The Modelling Tools

The Workshop, AC was on blast- 14C

The most difficult to hold...Bheem's Katta, & Tree


Alpana said…
This is so awesome.....a fabulous creation Pradnya........very professional .....wish I cud taste it.
Raksha said…
nice art on the cake.very nice, artistic
Archana said…
Awesome Pradnya.. A belated birthday wish to Shlok.
wow, awesome work dear,. Cake looks so beautiful
Nisha said…
Is that waterfall from rock? and a tree on a mountain? and fruits in basket? I'm really curious to see the cake from side angle and zoomed to see the creations! Looks great!
Priya Suresh said…
Fantastic cake,great efforts Pradnya..Wish one day i can come up with such beautiful cake.
Shobha said…
Very creative !
Everything baked and assembled beautifully..
Spicy-Aroma said…
Awesome creation Pradnya..looks so beautiful..loved it!

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