CFK Cabbage Roundup

Cabbage can be used to make so many wonderful dishes is something I have only recently realized. If you are regular here you may notice that there are not many dishes that use cabbage. So when I got the opportunity to host this event I was really excited to see what would be in store.

Harini from Tamalapaku has provided us with this amazing pickle recipe that uses cabbage as the key ingredient. She also suffered with an overactive nose early on which was the reason she stopped making this delicacy for a while. Fortunately for us she started making this all over again and has happily shared her mother's recipe with us. 
The picture tells the story of this Cabbage Pickle

Nirmala from Nirmala's Kitchen has kept in mind weight watcher's goals while whipping up this super healthy, tasty and simple recipe for us. This is her 100th post and we are indeed lucky to see that post coming during this event.
Check this great salad recipe here...

Pranati from 4m Pranati's Kitchen is a self declared die hard foodie. She has created as many as 3 dishes for using cabbage.

Pranati's first dish is the delicious and easy recipe of Cabbage Dosa. This can be a great breakfast option and easy too.

 Pranati heard about a dish and quickly figured out the recipe for this next breakfast option - Bread uthapam. This uses cabbage very intelligently and she can vouch for the taste. Must try , dont you think so?

And finally Pranati has shared and interesting twist to your regular onion pakoda. A very clever add - grated cabbage. I can very well imagine the crunch this has added to the dish. Check the recipe for Onion Cabbage Pakoda 

Follow foodie has created this beautiful cabbage recipe. The picture is so appealing I can eat the rice out of the picture and still be happy. What a delight to watch....especially if you are a rice lover...
Check the recipe for Cabbage Rice here...

To end the series...we get this wonderful recipe of Korean Kimchee from Archana from the The Mad Scientists Kitchen. Her camera is dysfunctional at the moment which is unfortunate for us . Nevertheless the simplicity of her recipe of Kimchee will surely make you want to give it a shot.

 Kalyani , thanks for giving me this opportunity to host and find these wonderful recipes. I am handing over the baton until next time to Anusha


Archana said…
Thanks Pradnya. This veggie is something that we do not like cooked but now I am sure with all the options you have given we will enjoy it.
I am hosting Kitchen Chronicles Theme Go Nuts...Do send me your entries
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