Roasted tomato cheese sandwich

I had laid out the chopped tomatoes for sun drying. About a hour into the drying process, I started munching the tomatoes sprinkled with garlic, salt and pepper and could not resist it. It was only slightly wilted but because it was already tasting yummy. 
When my kid ran into the room he immediately said...give me the tomato sandwich..I dont remember talking about any sandwich for him that day but I took cue and immediately made this instant sandwich. You dont have to wait for days of sunlight for this yummy sandwich. It is instant and perfect snack for 4 PM. 
Most days this summer I have realized that what my kid has been asking or looking for is some  snack that is not dry. He tends to avoid eating food that is not warm to eat. 

2 tomatoes thinly sliced
1/2 cup rough cut cheese (cheddar)
Brown bread slices (2 per sandwich)
1 tspn salt
black pepper crushed
2 tspn Olive oil
1/2 tspn crushed garlic
1) Sprinkle salt ,garlic and black pepper on the tomato slices and set aside (atleast 15 min). Drain off the water and drizzle olive oil on it.
2) Toast the bread slices on a flat griddle or automatic toaster.
3) Spread the tomato slices and cheese on the bread slice.
4) Cover it with another toasted bread
4) Add a dollop of butter or flavored butter(check here)

Munch on a juicy sandwich.


Srivalli said…
Roasted tomatoes sound very interesting on a sandwich!
Raksha said…
This is new to me and loooks really yummy
Shobha said…
Yummy sandwich..
Priya Suresh said…
Drooling over that irresistible sandwich..
anjana said…
sound interesting and yummy.nice idea.
Rekha said…
Never tried this way.Looks nice & must be a good for breakfast.
Glad to be your follower.hopw u will join my space too :)
tomato and cheese is world's best combination. looks very good
Sangeetha M said…
very delicious sandwich with wonderful combo-cheese,tomato...loved it!!
Spicy Treats
Cool Lassi(e) said…
That is a great looking sandwich!
Jayanthi said…
Lovely idea to use Mr.Sun and make sun dried tomatoes....I love tomato-cheese combo in sandwiches...yummy!!!
Unknown said…
nice idea....sun dried tomatoes are good in taste..and since this is just slightly dried...still very juicy!..good one!
Lifewithspices said…
wow interesting toast..
hey Pradnya...even I sundried tomatoes today!..but no..I did not make any abt sharing this one:)
Wow!that looks so tempting...
Pavani said…
Interesting tomato sandwich. Sounds delicious.
Chef Mireille said…
perfect sandwich

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