Corn Cup/ masala corn

Colors play a vital role with kids. With my son, a little discussion on the food being served prior to giving it to him also helps. It kind of excites is science...setting the senses on a roll..talking about it makes them drool and you may get some instant food grabbers. Few days back, when my little one was not keeping well..under the weather, his appetite had reduced significantly. I was contemplating pop corns but I felt that would fill him up fast but not satisfy my urge to feed him. That's when I thought of boiling the stocked corn kernels.
I started talking to him while preparing it...telling him how much I like the juicy bits of corn that I get at work, loaded with butter and chat masala.
He was interested in knowing what it was..I made a simple version for him and the masala one for us..when I heard a tiny voice...I am growing up..can eat masala...but dont make it too hot. 

1 cup corn kernels/ nibbles
1 tspn butter
1 tspn salt
1 tspn red chilli powder
1 tspn chat masala
1 tspn chopped fresh mint
1 tspn lemon juice (optional)
1) Boil the corn for 5-8 min until they are cooked
2) In a bowl, mix all the ingredients in the corn starting with butter. The butter should coat the corns well to hold the other masalas and also retain the gloss.
3) Serve


Chef Mireille said…
what an easy recipe and with summer, fresh corn is available everywhere so sweet and fresh
Jayashree said…
My daughter loves this.....I usually make hers with just butter and salt.
anjana said…
Smple ,quicj and healthy snack
Srivalli said…
Agree my daughter loves this too..I guess kids all love such snacks!
Unknown said…
i love there and even my kids.> simple and yet delicious!
Priya Suresh said…
Seriously am drooling over that masala corn,my fav anytime.
Not only kids , I know a number of my colleagues who love this steamed corn. It is a huge hit at my office cafe
My Fav too pradnya!!! i hate it when they say i m grown up, we mommies want them to grow up, but come on, not that fast!!!!!!
Shobha said…
I used to enjoy this a lot in Mumbai malls and theatres..
They had various floavours like Italian and Mexican too.
Nupur said…
I love it with Sour cream and onion flavouring :)
Alpana said…
Healthy & delicious.
such an easy and tasty recipe
Guilt free snack,kid's favourite...
Rasi said…
one of my fav too.. we would get in office too with some many varieties of masala & god knows how they came out with the names also!
Sangeetha M said…
quick n yummy kids' fav..looks lovely!
Spicy Treats
Pavani said…
Simple & yummy dish.
Jayanthi said…
my daughter loves corn in any form. Infact I have a recipe lined up this week featuring corn. Simple and nice.
Unknown said…
Simple but delicious snack.
Cool Lassi(e) said…
Simply delicious! WHo doesn't love corn?
butter n salt are the first choice..followed by pepper..then comes the masala..then...I better stop before I get a tummy ache!!

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