Baby Mango Pickle/ Balkairi lonche

My aunt-in-law makes some amazing dishes. She is a talent house when it comes to stitching, knitting, crafting, painting, rangolis, clay craft, vegetable garnishing and many more. Her appetite to learn new things is simply never -ending. If I start talking about her work it may take one entire post to mention them and many more to demonstrate it. Someday I hope she gets a platform to exhibit her body of work. Until then I will share a recipe of pickle that I had at her place for the first time and loved it.
Baby raw mangoes are easily available during the summers. Normally they are used for making those instant pickles. Chop and temper. They taste delicious even that way.

10-12 baby mangoes / 1kg(washed, slit at the top - retaining the stem -a little piece atleast)
100gms Mustard seeds (slightly roasted and ground/ sieve if you prefer yellow powder)
100 gms red chilli powder
50 gms fenugreek seeds powder (roasted and ground)
25 gm turmeric powder
12.5 gms asafoetida
250 ml Sesame Oil (I used regular vegetable oil)
100 gms salt
1) Wash the mangoes very well. Scrub them with a kitchen cloth.
2) Slit them near the based of the stem. Scoop out the seed (if present).
3) In a large sterilized glass jar, add the mangoes along with salt and turmeric.
4) Tightly close the jar with the lid and let it stand for 2-3 days.
5) The mangoes will start oozing liquid and will shrink in it own brine.
6) Heat the oil in a pan till its smoking point.
7) When the oil cools down completely add the remaining masala powders.
8) Add this oil and masala mixture to mangoes.
9) Close the lid tightly till the brine is soaked up and the oil rises to the top. - About 20-30 days.

Tip - If there is too much of brine, you may heat it on a pan and add the masalas to it before adding to mangoes.


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how interesting!!!
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Nice and delicious one !!

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