Stuffed Brinjal/ Bharli Vangi

This dish is so good as  per me that I think it deserves to be one of the national dish. It is made differently in each household. The one I make is influenced by the western ghats region as thats where I descend from.

3-4 small brinjals( green are preferred)
1 medium onion chopped
1 large onion sliced
2 tbsp dry coconut flakes
2 tbsp fresh coconut grated
1 tspn white sesame seeds
1/2cup fresh coriander leaves
2 tspn coriander cumin seeds powder
1 tspn garam masala or Goda masala (kanda lasun masala is preferred)
1 inch ginger grated
4-6 cloves of garlic( use less if you have kanda lasun masala)
1 tson red chilli powder (or more)
salt to taste
Oil to cook
1) In a wok or frying pan, roast the sliced onions using little oil until they are brown and soft.Remove and set aside
2) In the same pan, roast the fresh coconut dry coconut , ginger .
3) Next dry roast the sesame seeds.
4) Now grind the onions, coconuts, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic,coriander, coriander cumin seeds powder with little water to form a smooth paste.
5) You can add the chilli powder, garam masala to the same paste and mix well.This is the stuffing
6) Clean the brinjals by washing them under tap water.
7) Trim the step near its base( the cap like portion) slightly to remove thorns. Do not remove the stems.
8) Slit the brinjals at the base to form an opening. Do not chop them apart.
9) Fill the masala stuffing in it. and set aside
10) In a large pan, heat 2 tbsp oil. 
11) Add the chopped onions to it and roast them until they are slightly pink
12) Add the stuffed brinjals and saute
13) add the remaining the masala and cover the pan
14) Pour some water on the lid and add the water spoon by spoon as and when you feel the misture is getting dry. Do not add cold water directly
15) Let it cook for 12-15 min.

Serve hot with roti or bhakri


Sobha Shyam said…
delicious brinjal recipe, looks great !!
Spicy-Aroma said…
looks super it!!
anjana said…
super delicious and creamy brinjal curry..very tempting
Hema said…
Super delicious, very tempting..
Archana said…
Love this dish especially with bhakri.
Rajani S said…
This is called 'ennai kathirikka' here, though its a dish totally new to me (its not made this way in Kerala). Nice one and lovely click :)
lovely dish...but unfortunately it can kill me..allergic to brinjals:((
Srivalli said…
Lovely the andhra version everything is same, except we add roasted peanuts as well..very lovely dish!

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