Pineapple jam (no pectin)

Pineapple to me was always that poky little fruit which I hated as a kid. Nothing about it impressed me. One because it pricked my tongue while eating and second because it left an itchy feeling for quite some time.
Post marriage like most habits my fruit consumption(banana was fruit to me) and vocabulary both increased reasonably well. Pineapple still eluded my list of wanna-be. I still cannot get around to eat it. When the initial hype for it settles with the other folks(husband and son) I am left with atleast half large size pine apple waiting for my culinary adventure.
This time I had a real large ,extra ripe and abusively tart fruit waiting for my attention.
With a little encouragement from MIL, I began the jam making process. When I was done making the jam I found that all 3 of us love jam. This recipe is such a breeze, I cannot wait to experiment more.
What more , the fruit vendor (bhaiyya) at my door, is often surprised with the new found smile on my face that I deprived him off for past 7 years.

1 Large pineapple roughly chopped(discard the centre if you like, I did not)
1 cup Orange juice
3/4 cup Sugar
1) Pressure cook the pineapple until it is soft. Do not add any water. (2 whistles should be sufficient
2) In a large sauce pan, add the cooked pineapple, sugar and keep stirring until the sugar forms a syrup and then reduces in volume. The color should be deep amber by now. About 30 min or less
3)Add the orange juice little at a time and keep stirring until it is soaked. Mash roughly for preserve like consistency. For Jam, grind it in a mixie, dont bother to sieve unless you wish to sell it for living
r in boiling water for few minutes or microwave for 2-3 min.
5) Use the same spoon used for stirring to fill the jar when the jam is cooled. Avoid using any tool that is not sterilized.


Aarthi said…
love this jam

Archana said…
Yummy Jam. Love the colour.
Sravs said…
Tasty and super jam !!

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Kanan said…
lovely and tasty jam recipe
Sravs said…
Thanks for linking to the event !!

Ongoing event
CC:Spring Seasonal Food
Chef Mireille said…
I can't believe you don't like pineapple..I love them!
Kalyani said…
loved this Pradnya ! I am plannign to make Tomato jam based on the same method. Do you think Orange Juice would work there too ? I dont have access to Pectin, where I live..

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