Maharashtrian Puri Bhaji Thali/ Indian Meal Menu

When I started travelling for work, I realized how much I like home made food. Even the simplest recipes felt like distant dream on long hauls. I remember, the day (or night) I used to return home, my mother used to make 19 to dozen dishes to welcome me. But what I insisted on eating was a simple plate of dal rice. There is something special about mom's dal. I hope my son grows up with this fond memories some day. Provided I feed him something that is staple..with my experiments I guess he would be wondering about that one dish
Coming back to the menu for the day, it is a simple yet festive meal for us(maharashtrians). Puri bhaji and shrikhand are like the easiest naivedya (food for God) to be prepared on all small and big occasions. It is actually funny to explain that we eat puris, this kind of potato bhaji (soli batata- peeled potatoes) and shrikhand almost many times in a month or week. But when these three are put together the meal suddenly becomes special.

Menu for the day
Puri - Deep fried small flat bread
Soli Batata Bhaji - Stir fried par boiled potatoes with light tempering
Plain steamed rice -Steamed rice with a dollop of ghee
Ambat God Amti- Sweet and sour dal
Shrikhand - Sweetened curd cheese

I got a big whack for the way the thali is arranged from my mum..but I think she should be happy that I am attempting to make the dishes at home.

Puris -
I realized that puris are not simply deep fried rolled out chapatis a little late in life. I rarely made these as the situation never required me to do puris.  I will post my recipe for Puri at leisure as there are variants I make as per taste and need.

Soli batata bhaji 
This is a simple stir fried parboiled potato vegetable. Like the pooja prasad, this always tastes great when it is served as naivedya. I am yet to understand how and why?

Shrikhand does not get much importance in my house as it is common as roti or dal. However, I avoid giving the store bought readymade stuff to son just because I think he has some allergy. I cannot deprive him of this so I sometimes make it at home. It also gets made when we have lot of cream or curd accumulated at home. Most of it gets made into ghee but some part is reserved for shrikhand.
Check the simplest recipe ever for Shrikhand here.

Ambat - God Amti
As if Shrikhand is not sufficient we also make sweet dal to go along. This was something I got familiarized post marriage. I love the way my MIL and Grand MIL prepares it.
I repeat every step religiously but never make it half as tasty. You give it a try to see if you can emulate from here


Kalyani said…
simply warm comforting food :) nothing beats home made khana... btw, when r we planning our rendevous to Crawford to have Badshah Falooda ? :)

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Chef Mireille said…
shrikand looks so good....another informative thali post!!!
Srivalli said…
Lol on your musing..guess even my kids might say that they only remember their mum always experimenting and them always asking what's this..:)..Love your thali, would love to have that right now! I love puri shrikhand though never tried with the aloo..will do that sometime!
Priya Suresh said…
Yummy spread, wish to have puris with shrikhand rite now..fabulous dishes again..
Hema said…
Simple food is comfort food, the thali looks very inviting..
perfect lunch. love it
Harini R said…
Love the puri - aloo combo! Interesting thali!!
Usha said…
Simple yet delicious thali. You know what, for some reason, I find all prasadams (naivedyams)tasty, special the ones offered in temples.
Jayanthi said…
Sometimes simple meal gives more satisfaction than an elaborate one. Love the thaali and shrikhand especially. I haven't tried shrikhand tempt me to try it soon.
Priya dharshini said…
Simple and comfort meal..
Suma Gandlur said…
Everything on the platter looks inviting.
Rasi said…
very true.. i miss home food like crazy when i travel :)..this is a nice comforting meal!

Ongoing Event : WTML
super!..I have had Maharashtrian food...but hardly put in the effort to try it...will have to book mark this one:)
Padmajha said…
Our kids are bound to think are scientists in the kitchen, always trying out new dishes :).
This thali looks very comforting and very tempting too..
vidhas said…
Comforting thali.
preeti garg said…
everytime fav meal..
rajani said…
I have heard about the puri shrikand combination before, but never had it before. I have tried roti rolls with shrikand filling, love those, actually. A Nice and simple thali!

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