First Anniversary & a giveaway for one and all/ secret treasure, hamper

Announcing the lucky winner - It is none other than ,  Anusha Praveen  from the TomatoBlues. 

Others, fret not, I am sending the virtual package to all via mail soon. 

Requesting all of you to drop me an email at in case you have not received the hamper yet

One year of freedom to express without worrying about the outcome or judgement.This is the way I feel when I see the journey backwards. The Pumpkin Farm completes a year and I feel like a veteran already. When you enjoy what you do it becomes part of you. 
Although I have never celebrated any milestones on pumpkin farm until now, it felt little odd to ignore the first anniversary.
Initial thoughts on celebrations ranged from planning a good cake, hosting an event and the usual giveaway. All options were appealing with only one issue that it does not fit the vision. The vision to spread knowledge and joy to one and all.
After weighting my options this is what I have planned.
I have a little cute hamper (secret treasure).

The contents of this hamper will be disclosed one after the other. The contents are for everyone and not for just one lucky winner
All my followers, friends, networks are eligible to get this. All the contents are easily downloadable and promise to be of good use and something you will enjoy. If you are like me - a little crafty, a little creatively charged, fond of cutesy things and have an appetite to learn new things I promise you will love this.

More over, there will be one person (in India - sorry not being patriotic, but genuine constraints) who will receive the hamper in physical form from me by post.
If you are in a place that I am present or am about to travel (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Baroda, Kolhapur - I have a nice travel calendar for next month) then I would love to meet and hand over the hamper to you in person over a meal or coffee session.
I would select the winner, until I find someone from India, by pulling all the names from followers, comments, other networks. A random generator will select the number. Multiple names will be allowed if you are part of all networks.

If you are still reading then I hope it has excited you enough to participate,
Just do one of the following to take part,
1) Follow me on blogger
2) Follow me on networked blogs
3) Like my page on facebook - here
4) Follow me on twitter - here
5) Follow me on google circles
6) Leave a comment below
7) Subscribe to my posts

I am not trapping you but just want to be connected with you. Trust you will enjoy the journey from here on.

Contents of the hamper
1) Home made Bread flour recipe - with ingredients easily available in Indian Kitchen
2) Home made Cake flour recipe - with ingredients easily available in Indian Kitchen
3) Therapeutic eye stress reliever- Make it at home on your own (Step by step pictures)
4) Aromatic potpourri made at home in your kitchen (Step by step pictures)
5) Flavored table toppings for sauces, sandwiches  (Step by step pictures)
6) Flavored butter recipes to spruce up your every day sandwich, parathas (Step by step picture)
7) Cup cake wrapper designs - 10 + designs and free cut out to make your own.
8) Tea time candle recipe
9) The Pumpkin Farm diary (printable)

**All my existing followers and friends are already eligible but do leave a comment below to be eligible for physical hamper


Srivalli said…
Congratulations Pradnya, it's been a pleasure knowing you..wish you many more such anniversaries!
Priya Suresh said…
Happy birthday to The Pumpkin Farm..Wish you more and more beautiful things like this.
Hugs and wishes on this milestone Pradnya..Hamper or no hamper..u know would love to meet you in person..add another city to your calendar..n we shall have fun over a lunch thaali.
Chef Mireille said…
Congratulations...too bad I'm so far away :(
Usha said…
Not fare! I am ruled with for this lovely giveaway.. Congratulations on your i year blogging milestone.
preeti garg said…
awesome way to celebration

happy anniversary in advance.......for so many coming anniversaries...:)
Rasi said…
Many congratulations on the blog anniversary :).. wish you many more such celebrations & may the love of jus continue to grow !

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Padmajha said…
Congrats dear :).Wishing u many more such milestones.. Like
Vaishali said hamper or no hamper, I would love to meet you in person :)
Congratulations on your first anniversary dear. Wishing you many more year of happy blogging
rajani said…
I thought I left a comment here, Pradnya, looks like my memory is worse that I thought it was!! Good god!

Anyway, wanted to congratulate you on your first anniversary and hope this is the first of many :)
Archana said…
Happy Anniversary.
May u have many many more anniversaries.
I know I am late but better late than never:D
Renuka said…
Congrats on the one year :)
Kalyani said…
albeit late, wonderful wishes on your anniversary :) the secret contents of the hamper excite me enough :) I am already following you on social n/works :)

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Shobha said…
Congratulations !
Just came across your blog today..infact I have linked some mango recipes in your event.
What a novel idea of hosting a giveaway..
Fairy Garden said…
Heartily Congratulations Pradnya. Nice to see PumpkinFarmFood completing one year by reaching to many bloggers like me. You already have 262 wonderful posts. Great dear.
Fairy Garden said…
Pradnya, I really love the name of your blog and its great to see you celebrating one year. So I have just spread this through my post Mango Bread Laddoos
Ruchira Hoon said…
Awesome! Lovely that you're organising a giveaway - so generous of you
Jayashree said…
Congratulations, Pradnya.
Anshu said…
Happy Blogging.
Raksha said…
Hi Pradnya,

Congrats on the first blog anniversary.
I would love to meet you somewhere.

Following you on blogger,networkblogs and also liked you FB page.

Unknown said…
Congrats on your milestone dear hamper is not a matter like vishali and Pj said we love to meet you in person.
Divya A said…
Hi..Congrats and keep blogging.. Here for the first time..Happy to follow u :)
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