Bukhara style thali/ Naan bukhara/ Indian meal menu

At ITC grand maratha in Mumbai, there is a restaurant from the popular chain Bukhara which is famous for its King size Naan bread served with the other popular dishes like dal makhani, tandoor platters. The ambience and spirit around is opulent to suit the hotel it is hosted at but the food is rustic. I suppose that is how they decided on serving the usual Naan fare in king size to match up. Although I loved the food and everything about the restaurant it is definitely not economical to visit the place often.
Yes you got it right. I decided to copy it at home. It ofcourse was scaled down to match my home' decor but only in size, the taste and everything ..ahem..was better.Indeed.

Menu for the day
King Size Tandoor Naan (my son is the king here, so it is probably 3 times smaller the size it is served at ITC)
Dal Makhani
Achari Paneer Tikka
Mishti Doi

These are baked in oven , tandoor style directly placed on the racks. They were lipsmacking. Not the stretchy one's that are served in restuarants these days loaded with butter
Watch space for recipe - next week

Dal Makhani
One of my most favorite style of dal. Check the recipe here.Is far simpler than it appears to be

Achari Paneer tikka
Does the name not sound interesting and tasty? The dish is at par with the name. Check here

Mishti Doi
Agree it sounds a little misplaced in the otherwise punjabi fare. But then who said I do things conventionally. It was a good accompaniment in the dish to satiate the sweet tooth.
There is no recipe to make it. If you have store bought mishti doi available, you have to set sweetened reduced milk using it , just the way you do for curds. I will try for a real recipe some day and post it here.


Anisha said…
That's a tempting menu...
Srivalli said…
Wow wow Pradnya, I enjoyed that virtual display!..thank you for taking the efforts in dishing out that many thalis..have enjoyed all of them..
Priya Suresh said…
Yummy misti doi,am planning to make some since a long, wonderful spread..
Chef Mireille said…
looks fabulous, especially the super sized naan
Harini R said…
Awesome display there! lovely naans too. I agree the homemade naans are way better than the butter dripping ones at restaurants!
Roshni said…
What a way to create a restaurant menu home.. nothing like it
Delicious platter!!!! naan and Dal makhani wonderful combo!!!
Suma Gandlur said…
Everything on the platter looks inviting, Pradnya.
Jayanthi said…
Awesome thaali that I feasted virtually at your space. Every one of them looked so delicious. The name "King size" naan made me smile. Achari paneer tikka masala looks awesome and would love to get the recipe for mishti doi...good one Pradnya.
Usha said…
I enjoyed all your thalis. Will look forward to the recipes you had in your thalis. Achari paneer looks interesting. Will try it after you post the recipe
Rasi said…
if the naan at home is so big, i can imagine the one in store.. my my.. lovely spread pradyna all along!

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Padmajha said…
Delicious spread dear. Yes, aachari paneer tikka does sound tempting.
rajani said…
The misti doi is making my stomach growl! I have been planning to make this one for such a long time. Nice looking naans and dal too.
the thali looks inviting..like the paneer and would love to try the Mishti doi!!..lovely spread!

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