Beverage- Iced Nescafe with bubbles

Blog hopping widens the culinary vision by leaps and bounds. There is so much amazing food stuff happening in the world that I feel one life will be insufficient to capture all. I am paired with Vidhya from SugarNSpice for this month's blog hop.
Her blog has a beautiful collection of recipes targeted for kids primarily. I had a hard time on deciding the actual recipe as I was getting excited about every post. I picked her bubbled tea and modified it to suit my palette. I used coffee instead of tea as I am a little biased about changing the way I drink tea and also because I personally like cold coffee.

Ingredients (for 2 servings)
1 glass of Milk
1 cup of plain water
1 glass of Ice cold Water
1 tspn Instant Coffee powder(You can use your favorite brand)
3 tspn Sugar (Add more if you like sweeter coffee)
1 tspn Tapioca pearls (Sabudana)
1) In a wok or frying pan, roast the tapioca pearls till they are slightly colored. About a minute
2)Add a cup of water and let them cook till they are translucent and bloated. About 5 min more. Switch off the heat and let it stand
3) Prepare the instant coffee with half the milk and sugar and set aside.
4) Mix the coffee with iced water or cubes and shake vigorously.
5) In a tall glass, pour the tapioca pearls about a inch and half tall.
6)Pour the coffee on top.
7) Add more ice cubes and serve

My son added an oreo biscuit to his milk (without coffee) and loved it. He was particularly happy about being able to trap and burst the bubbles in his mouth.

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Kalyani said…
ooh ! nice one ... looks like a desi falooda.... that reminds me of Badshah Falooda @ Crawford.. next time we shud meet there, whatsya Pradnya ??

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Sumee said…
Looks very nice Pradnya.. I remembered Falooda too.!!! ummmmm..
Vidhya said…
Love this version of bubble tea.
Jayanthi said…
I've had tapioca pearl drink from one of the shops here, absolutely divine taste. Love the coffee flavor ...nice one!!!
Sravs said…
Quiet refreshing and lovely drink !!

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Anusha said…
reminds me of falooda prads. i ll try it topped with some fruits sometime
Priya Suresh said…
Super refreshing drink.
Rasi said…
Bubble tea is quite famous here.. have always wondered what they were.. cold coffee wow :)

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Archana said…
This is yum. We will love this.
Rani acharyulu said…
Wow delicious refreshing coffee flavored drink....thrilled to see your all innovative to follow you.....

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