I am bit partial towards alphonso mangoes until they are available in the market. When we are tired (or pretend to be) we opt for aamras. 
You would ask whats the great recipe to make aamras. Isn't it about squeezing mangoes to a pulp. It is, but if you have enjoyed aamras all your life sitting at the dining table when mom or grandmom was busy doing it for you , it will be a task when you have to do it for your self.

Look at this as a prep activity. How to deal with mangoes?

Ingredients (for 4 servings)
4-6 ripe mangoes
4 tspn sugar( optional)
1 cup warm milk (optional)
1 tspn cardamom powder(optional)
1 tspn black pepper powder(optional)
1) Wash the mangoes thoroughly under tap water.
2)Soak them in a bucket or vessel full of water for 30 min minimum.
3) Now remove the base of the stem of each mango
4)Squeeze a little juice out of it. Push the pulp out starting from the base in a medium size bowl.
5) Dig the flesh with hands(thoroughly washed, no nails) and try squeezing it out to get as much juice and pulp.
6) Use a large vessel to collect the removed pulp from the vessel you collected it.
7) Repeat for the remaining mangoes, one at a time, do not collect fresh mangoes in the large vessel directly. If the mango has rotten you may have to discard everything at one go.
8) Do not discard the skin or seed until you are finished. (You will get to enjoy them for the hard work)
9) Using a hand blender, mash the pulp to form a smooth puree.
10) Now you are free to add the remaining ingredients to suit your taste.
11) Usually adding the black pepper or cardamom ensures that you are not going to be sick after eating pots of aamras.

Hope you plan to eat this soon.


what cud be yummier..in this summer heat?
Suma Gandlur said…
I love mangoes but only in their natural state. Your bowl of aamras looks appealing though.

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