Aamras thali

Once a friend of mine said that for a few months that we have mangoes in the market I feel less stressed about what to feed the kids. Cut a mango or squeeze it to make Aamras(mango pulp) and feed everything else along with it. It is indeed so true. 
I also fondly remember the summer vacations when my maternal uncle used to bring crates of mangoes. Together there were more than 40 or 50 people who used to gather together for summers. Aamras was planned for one of the weekends where we used to squeeze more than 4-5 dozens of mangoes.
Miss those days.
Last weekend I invited my father for lunch while my mother wanted to finish off some summer chores, pickles and papads. I made this platter for lunch. I am calling it Aamras thali as that was attracted my father to come to eat at first place.

Menu for the day
Aamras - pulp of Alphonso mangoes squeezed and mixed with spice of your choice
Puri - Flat small rolled out bread deep fried
Mix Vegetable Kadai(restaurant style) - Spicy mixed vegetable stir fried in onion tomato gravy
Methi Gota - Deep fried spicy and sweet dumplings , gujarathi speciality
Gota chutney - Tangy spicy powder to be mixed with oil or curd to dilute.

This can be a simply pureed mango juice to begin with. Considering the quantities and number of times we make it I suppose there have been some variations on the process.
Check them our here.

Puri making is an art especially when you have some one at home who critically scrutinizes it.  I make them less myself, but basically now aware of what makes it work.
I will post the recipe sooooon

Mix vegetable Kadai

A favorite for my husband, I am not too fond of it personally. But I do agree that it makes a combination with tandoor roti.
Simplified recipe but same or better taste.

Methi Gote
These are not your usual pakodas. They are sweet and spicy. 
You can try if you like variety and go with an open mind

Gota chutney
A tangy spice mixture made of salt, pepper ,red chilli, dry mango powder.


Srivalli said…
That thali is really so inviting..I love amras!
Priya Suresh said…
Aamras with puri,i can die for..wat an inviting spread again.
aam pas...just love it..and the methi goats..they look wonderful!!..love the combo..
Usha said…
Miss those good old summer vacation and the mango season. Delicious aamras thali
Chef Mireille said…
Want to try that methi gote...LOVE MANGOES..my favorite fruit!!
Harini R said…
Very tempting plate you spread out today!
Padmajha said…
I love puri and aamras combo.Delicious platter...
Rasi said…
The first time I has aamras was in Bombay :) I love it but strangely we never do It at home :) I have to make this
Jayanthi said…
I would have been equally attracted if you had called me for a thaali with aamras. Looks so tempting and inviting.
preeti garg said…
look awesome....love mango flvor
rajani said…
I thought I left a comment on this post!
Anyway, my son has declared that Mangoes are his favorite fruit. So I remembered this post and scooped the flesh out and gave it to him as such. Will try aamras when he gets bored with eating the fruit as such.
Archana said…
I love am ras too. Great thali

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