Planning And Shopping for the party

Have you ever come out of any party thinking it needs a gifted flair to organise one...if yes, shed your belief, for the one thing that's really required is shopping. Yes,now does that sound interesting?If you love shopping then throwing a party is a cakewalk. Both things are complementary. 
Really, tell me when was the last time besides Diwali or Christmas that you got a chance to buy clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, apparels, crockery,grocery,table clothes, expensive cheese, chocolates phew! and everything else for one day.
Even if you do not buy all of the above you sure have a chance to show (off) the latest bought goodies to many.
Does this pep you up now? So do not fret about getting yourself in this situation. Chuck off the thoughts like -  Why did I ever agree to this party ?  How am I going to do it all? There are so many things waiting for my attention. 

If planned well, 3 days are good enough for you to manage a well organized party.

To begin with ask yourself a few questions then lead on using the answers.

1) Identify the category of the party
2) Decide on the invitee list (Use Guest tracker)
3) Fix a budget (Use budget planner)
4) Plan a theme - Refer ideas in category specific Pages - A , B or C
5) Decide a rough sketch Menu, Party favors, Games Refer ideas in category specific Pages - A , B or C
6) Look at your calendar to know when you can do what activities (Use To-Do List)
7) Decide your shopping list (Use shopping list tracker)

Once you are done with major tasks, you have to keep going back to the drawing board to check against your lists. If you think of new ideas, first include it in the trackers before executing them. These lists are really helpful and keeps you on track.

Now that the planning part is done, we can move to shopping. The real fun. How do you go about shopping?

-Refer the shopping list, collate all the items that are found in the same vicinity. The column Area will help you tie items together in the list
-You also need to check whether items are perishable. They need to shopped just closer to actual party day. Refer Column Perishable
- If you have space challenge, then you may also have to worry about stocking too many things in advance.
- The list of items that can be ordered on phone, mark them separately. Always order them on phone, you can save the running around for important things

Guest List Tracker
Tracking details like kids  (genderwise) helps while accounting for return gifts and party favors. Confirmation column helps to get closer to actual turnout. For e.g. if someone says I will try to make it there is 50% chance of they coming for the party. So for a family of 4 members, you can make arrangements for upto 2 people.
Budget Planner

Shopping List Tracker

To - Do List

I have the above trackers saved in microsoft excel sheets( Do I sound like Monica Gellar from friends - all organized?) If you need it drop me a mail -, with subject Party Organizer/ Planner Required. I have some macros and functions which may be of help. I will share with you for free (My goodwill task)

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Srivalli said…
Wow even macros??..very good Pradnya..I like that to do list best...of all the other lists too...
Rasi said…
Yup! almost close to monica ;) but this is great stuff.. with so much attention to details, am sure all parties must be rocking!
preeti garg said…
Its wonderful... everyone get inspire from ur hardwork dear

Awesome :)....

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Anusha said…
pradnya you must consider event management as a career option you are too good
super Pradnya!! those lists...reminds me of my old days when I used to do party planning...of course there were no sheets then..but paper n pencil..imagine some of my old books still have some party menus saved:)
veena said…
Wow Pradyna....this is great.....such planning!!!am amazed!
Hema said…
Great planning, even Iam a plan- ahead person, but never close to this, awesome..
Anonymous said…
Oh la la! Are you preparing for an alternate career Pradnya? You sure have the organisational skills and talents up your sleeve!
Aarthi said…
useful post

Harini said…
very interesting ! I almost follow the same lists but not macros and stuff :) I rely mostly on menu/recipe planners, to do lists, invitee lists and shopping lists !
vidhas said…
Very intresting post. Love the way you are organised. Will surely follow.
Sangeetha M said…
wow...interesting and useful post Pradnya...U r awesome..will follow yours for my kid's B'party coming next month...thanks for sharing!!
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Gayathri Kumar said…
Very informative...
Padmajha said…
Thoughtful spreadsheet that are really handy. Loved the way you related yourself to Ms. Geller :). I love her meticulousness...

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