Almond Ginger Dipping Sauce

Most south east asian countries thrive on sauce based recipes. The sauces have a strong and sharp flavor. Unlike Indian cuisine where we end up mixing a variety of herbs and spices, the emphasis on handful of ingredients. One such sauce that is very popularly used as a dipping sauce for finger foods, salads and fresh springrolls is the almond ginger dipping sauce
The ingredients are very basic and simple to use.

1 tbsp freshly grated ginger
½ tspn chilli flakes/powder
1 tbsp soya sauce/ tamari
1 tbsp vinegar/ lime juice (I used vinegar as do not like lime juice mixed with soya sauce
½ tspn sugar (I used brown as I had it)
½ cup water
1) Mix all ingredients in a bowl using a whisk.
2) Add more water depending on the consistency you like
3) Use as a dipping sauce or to make gravy


Harini said…
Interesting dip!
Sravs said…
Nice and interesting sauce !!

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Unknown said…
An interesting one!!!!looks delicious.
Pinky said…
A new dip for me and looks like will tate good as well.
Fairy Garden said…
instant one, pradnya great going dear.
grt...would love to try this one!
This sounds good...will try it out

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