Milagai Podi / microwave

The next few days are very exciting. There is so much happening on my calendar to keep me on my toes. The brain that has been categorized as hyperactive is now functioning overtime. 
I have to make a farewell gift for my kid's pre-preschool before he joins the real school. There is a major competition where I am in charge for quiet a few things - menu planning for the food served later tops the list of interest. 
Coming back to the recipe for the day, there were so many things that I had planned as part of the microwave based theme. Contemplating on which one to use for the last day, I felt that atleast the last six dishes covered the different range of techniques 
- Gravy - Palak Soya Gravy
- Baking - Pizza under 30 min
- Poaching - Sunny side up - No runny eggs
- Rice - Green Peas Pulav
- Recycling - Vegetable Stock
-Snacks - Dhokla in a cup

Most of you know that we can easily dry roast ingredients. The toughest challenges for roasting are the grains and pulses. I picked the most popular powder/podi or chutney to demonstrate the same.

1 cup Split Bengal Gram/ Chana dal
1/4 cup Split Black Lentils/ Urad dal
1 cup red chillies (stems removed)
1/2 tspn asafoetida
1 tspn salt
Oil for cooking
Method I Stove top
1) In a wok heat some oil, dry roast the lentil and dal individually until they are slightly brown in color. (8-10 min for Bengal gram), 5 min each for the other
2) Dry roast the red chillies till they are puffed up and crispy - Switch on the exhaust
3) Now grind all the dals and red chillies along with salt and asafoetida either coarse or fine.

Method II Microwave
1) In a microwave safe bowl, first put the bengal gram along with some oil, mix well and heat on high for 30 sec.
2) Now add the Split black lentils in the bowl, stir well and heat on high for another 30 sec. ( I did not remove the bengal gram)
3) Now remove the dals in a grinder bowl and let it stand till you work on the red chillies
4) Put the red chillies, asafoetida, salt in the microwave bowl. Heat on high for 30 seconds
5) Remove and add it to the grinder bowl.
6) Grind it to a coarse of fine powder.

Enjoy with idlis, dosas or upma. You can similarly make a range of other podis.


Chef Mireille said…
your instructions are always so detailed...and easy to understand.
Priya Suresh said…
Excellent and my kind of the way u prepared..
Umm Mymoonah said…
This is really cool to roast in microwave for milagai podi.
Usha said…
I liked all your MW recipes.. you even tried roasting in the microwave.. cool!
looks great..though we hardly eat podis...but may b I will start introducing these...
Aarthi said…
Mouthwatering Podi..

Fairy Garden said…
nice podi. i liked the way it is done in microwave
Unknown said…
Great you roaste dal s in MW superb yaar and this podi is my all time fav.
preeti garg said…
something new for me thnks for sharing
Srivalli said…
I enjoyed making this the last time I did in mw..good one..and so exciting to know abt your schedule..enjoy and do menu planning well..:)
Dosa with Milagai podi and dahi .. yummy combination..
Rajani said…
i have also switched to MW for making podis now. so easy and hassle free!
Anonymous said…
Hi Pradnya, I loved this week of microwaving from u! And the comparison vis-a-vis regular stovetop cooking was great!
Wow!!!that's a nice idea...
Suma Gandlur said…
A good one, Pradnya.
Archana said…
Wow I love the micro method its something I have never tried before.Bookmarked
Cool Lassi(e) said… many microwave dishes..but i didn't expect milagai podi from a microwave! Your microwave must be the busiest in town..Great looking podi dear!
Unknown said…
Yummy podi! Love the MW version!
Unknown said…
Sorry for being late in checking your posts! Lovely idea to make idly podi in MW!

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