Cheese Chives and Chilly Flakes Cookies

Well, until I wrote the title of this post I did not realize that I have essentially created a CCC Cookie. That makes it a CCCC ! Before I get obsessed about the name let me get straight to point.

These cute little chunkies are savory baked goodies that you would love to munch on along with a hot cuppa tea/ coffee.

Ingredients (for 15 - 20 small bite sized cookies)
1 cup of All purpose Flour
3/4 cup of Olive Oil
1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese
2 tbsp fresh chives chopped finely (You can replace with any herb of your choice)
2 tspn chilly flakes 
1 tspn salt (cheese has some saltiness to add as per taste)
2 tbsp milk warm
1 tspn baking powder
a pinch of baking soda(optional if you like your cookies flat)
1) In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients and make a soft pliable dough.
2)Let it rest for about 10 min in refrigerator. 
3)Preheat the oven at 180c for 5 min.
4)Roll out the dough and using a cookie cutter of your choice cut out the cookies.
5)Line a baking sheet and place the cookies with some space between them.
6) Bake for about 10 min , the first batch and 8-10 min for the following.
7) Flip the cookies after 5-6 min to get even color of both sides.

Have fun

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Archana said…
Just what I am looking for. Never have tried chives before not too sure we will enjoy the taste. But will experiment.
Sangeetha M said…
i love savory bakes a lot, this CCC cookies looks cute n yummy...loved it..
btw i linked back my post to ur event along with vardhini's...thank you
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Kavi said…
Naaice... have yet to venture into savory baking! :) Happy New Year!
Kavi | Edible Entertainment
Aarthi said…
these cookies looks delicious
beti said…
Savory cookies are so good but the aren't popular your cookies look delicious!
Santosh Bangar said…
different cookies is looking perfect in taste

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